My Second Antarctic Adventure – Palmer – Part IV

Heading South On Board the USS Edisto – copyright 2009 Jack W Cummings

On 10 December 1964 the USS Edisto left Boston Harbor and set a course for Anvers Island on the Palmer Peninsula in Antarctica (Some time ago the peninsula was renamed “Antarctic Peninsula). Commander Norval E. Nickerson had been the commanding officer of the Edisto since May, 1963. He had completed 3 Arctic deployments since taking command. During that time the Edisto had participated in Arctic replenishment of all the areas requiring icebreaker services in Labrador and on both the east and west coasts of Greenland. CDR Nickerson had under his command not only a crew well trained in Polar Operations, but also a ship that had been proving herself since she was commissioned on 20 March 1947. Anyone wishing to learn more about this proud ship can do so at

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