My Second Antarctic Adventure – Palmer – Part VIII

The Long Winter – copyright 2009 Jack W. Cummings

WinterOver Crew at mid-winters party It didn’t take long to settle into a daily routine. I had my daily communications schedules to attend to. “Cookie” prepared delicious meals for lunch and dinner. Breakfasts and Sunday meals were everyone for themselves. Everyone but Cookie was assigned a week at a time as kitchen helper and “house mouse” duties. Traditionally cooks in the Antarctic were exempt from all working parties, as good daily meals were an essential contribution to station morale. “Fergie” had his hands full keeping snow in the “snow-melter” and keeping our three generators in peak operating condition. Doc was in charge of our medical needs, as well as helping Fergie keep the fuel tanks topped off and other station tasks that arose from time to time. Continue reading “My Second Antarctic Adventure – Palmer – Part VIII”