Grand Africa, voyage day, 68, last day at sea Atlantic ocean

16 December 2022, Last Sea Day, Atlantic Ocean

Today is our last day to send out dirty laundry, expecting to have in returned before our 12/20 departure from ms Zaandam.
Thanks to last night’s extra hour of sleep, I only have to add two hours to my Apple Watch to have East coast time.
Not really hungry, I ate a little granola + Muesli + fruit with orange juice and coffee. 
Flora (from a previous cruise) sat and joined me at my tiny window table for two.  We enjoyed a good conversation.
Enjoyed Tai Chi.

The Front Desk offers endless help.  This morning Kevin printed out my Mariner days and cruise history for me.  He gave me postcards.  And he showed me how to use “Pages” on my iPad to be able to work on our Christmas/New Year’s letter from my thumb drive.  Magic

My lunch in the Lido was an Asian Salad, Fried Won Ton, Pot Stickers, and milk.  
I photographed all of the tempting Lido dessert choices for our children and for everyone with a sweet tooth.

The passenger photo contest displayed in the deck 3 Atrium was fascinating, especially the people and animal photos.
CDR Mike West, USN, ret spoke at 1pm.  “Shipwrecks and Time” Too many have died because the Captain did not know what time it was.  The invention of the chronometer by John Harrison changed everything.

I got out the extra collapsed suitcase from Wal Mart and opened it up.  It is perfect, and 32” is big.  I started packing my purchases.  🙂

Luke Marinkovic is the beloved classical pianist from the Explorer’s Lounge.  A petition of signatures had asked for him to give a concert in the World Stage theater.  Luka’s piano concert was at 3pm.  Beethoven, Debussy, and other composers.  All memorized.  It was a wonderful concert.  Standing ovation.

Good dinner tonight:  Dim sum platter, Veal Plicata, Carrot Cake, the Zinfandel Rose wine, and decaf coffee.  
I congratulated Jan & David, who received their Silver Medallions this morning.
We celebrated Charlotte’s birthday.  All the Dining Stewards sang their Indonesian birthday song to her.

“On World Stage:  Vocalist and Instrumentalist Craig Richard.  Back for another performance, world-class saxophonist, singer, guitarist, and pianist, Craig who has toured over 100 countries as a solo artist and alongside the legendary saxophonist Kenny G.”
Waiting in my room were two chocolates and tomorrow’s Daily Program.

Quote of the Day: “Surely, of all the wonders of the world, the horizon is the greatest.”  Freda Stark

Photo gallery by Barbara Cummings

Photo by Alejandra Coy on

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