Grand Africa, voyage, day 67, at sea Atlantic ocean

15 December 2022, At Sea, Atlantic Ocean

Gentle sea motion this morning.  My breakfast was a Filipino Ensaymada sweet roll, orange juice, and coffee.
This is a special day for me.

Mariner Society cordially invites you to the 
Mariner Recognition Event
Where you will be recognized as a
GOLD Medallion Awarded in appreciation of your loyalty
World Stage, Deck 4 (enter via port side)
Thursday, December 15, 2022, 10am
Followed by a Special Mariner’s Lunch
Dining Room Lower Level, Deck 4, 11:30am
2022 Zaandam Africa Grand Voyage

Unfortunately, last night’s family email would not send out.  Tried again this morning, and it disappeared.  iPad wanted to be backed up, so I started that.  It could not finish, so I started all over on the missing email.
Success, thankfully, on the second try.

I went fifteen minutes early to enter on the port side and found that EVERYONE was entering port side, and the line was already looong.  I was not the only special person today. 178 medals were awarded today and more tomorrow.

Eventually the line moved, and we all passed through the receiving line:  Captain, Officers, and Staff.
No special seat for me.  Only the 1400+ day President’s Club members had special seating. Fourteen of them.
It took a while for me to find a seat with a table that fit my swelled head.  Flora from a previous cruise sat with me.

Flowers and medallions were displayed up front.  Luca played the piano.  Mimosas, etc. were served.  Jeremy made announcements.  Captain Smit and Hotel Director Florin came up front to hang medallions around people’s necks and then be photographed by Connor. Lots of 100-day bronze medallions were presented.  Then the 300-day Silver.  Some were 700 days late, because the 2020 World Cruise had ended early in Perth, Australia because of Covid.
Twenty-five Gold 500-day medallions were presented.  My name was finally called.  I wore my beaded & sequined red dress from Egypt for the event.  Captain Smit hung the gold medallion around my neck, and Connor photographed me with Captain Smit and Hotel Director Florin.
Tallulah & OK from the Cruise Critic Spreadsheet also received gold.

Next came the 700-day Platinum medallions.  Karen & Diana both received Platinum. Several years ago, Diana received Gold on the day that we had mistakenly expected to receive Gold and were so disappointed.  We had 500 days to be Five Star Mariners (sea days + extra for spending money onboard), but we did not quite have 500 actual sea days onboard.  Now I do.
Then each of the fourteen President’s Club members were honored in front.  This included Jim & Jessica.  This was a special day for more people than me.

The special Mariner’s Lunch followed.  Everyone hiked from one end of the ship to the other for the Main Dining Room.  Here we were greeted by more Staff.  I found a table for two, and Jeanette from the Seattle area joined me.  My special lunch was the Green Asparagus Veloute Soup, Roasted Beef Petite, Vanilla & Lime Cheesecake, champagne, and coffee.  Holland America tiles were passed out.  (Volendam / Zaandam this one) No speeches or toasts.

The Captain did announce that we had turned around to check on something in the sea. There had been a plea for help to check on what might be a capsized sailboat.  No other ships had responded, so we did.
Later Captain Smit announced that the floating object had been in the sea long enough to grow things, no emergency.  Now we would sail forward, watching for anything.  That was when my coffee was served.

It was close to 4pm when the Captain announced that he had been contacted by Maritime Rescue.  The five people swimming near the capsized boat had been rescued by another yacht.

Formal night tonight.  Everyone looked so elegant.  Special dinner:  Escargots Bourguignon, Surf & Turf (filet mignon & lobster tail), Tiramisu, and decaf coffee.
“On World Stage:  All For Love.  The Zaandam Singers & Dancers return with a song and dance concert featuring timeless classics.”  Magnificent show.

Waiting in my room were two dark chocolates, etc. and an elegant Swan towel animal.  Ellie the Elephant has a new friend.  Also, “Tonight the ship’s clocks will move backward one hour.”  🙂
Yesterday’s laundry came back nice and clean.
The “Chocolate Surprise” is at 9:30pm, but I am too full of food to even be tempted.

Quote of the Day: “Travel is like knowledge, the more you see, the more you know you haven’t seen.” Mark Hertsgaad

Photo gallery by Barbara Cummings

Photo by Pixabay on

One thought on “Grand Africa, voyage, day 67, at sea Atlantic ocean

  1. Congratulations Barbara on achieving “Gold” status. Sounds like HAL did a nice job for all.
    Your trip is almost over. This is always the part I hated. Packing to go home. But your
    family has missed you. Especially Jack. So be safe in your transit home.
    Send more photos when you are home.
    I have really enjoyed being ” mouse” in your pocket.
    Merry Christmas to you and Jack and a Happy, Healthy 2023.

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