Grand Africa, voyage, day 65, Sailing the Atlantic Ocean

13 December 2022, At Sea, Atlantic Ocean

This morning we are sailing along at 18.8 knots with just a little motion for our cautious walking.
My breakfast was most of the huge, sweet pretzel-shaped croissant pastry with pineapple, orange juice, and coffee.
It is a little gray outside.
Ship movement increased during Tai Chi, but that is what chairs are for.

Ask The Captain was at 10am.  Cruise and Travel Director Jeremy Hales interviewed our Captain Ane Jan Smit, who sounded most competent.  He said that our Grand Africa Voyage has been an “adventure” and that is good.  Responding to audience questions, his favorite port was Cape Town, where he and Hotel Director Florin got lost.  “Good that we had two days in port.”
Africa had some surprises.  Some people expected cash (gifts) (except Namibia and South Africa).  The Suez Canal pilot expected American cigarettes.  When told he would get no cigarettes, he snoozed.  “It was Africa.”
In Ft. Lauderdale and Puerto Rico, the local Pilot will take the con to control the ship.  No African pilots took the con of this ship.  Capt. Smit was very pleased with our adventure.
The ship refueled in Souda, Durban, and Walvis Bay.  Our ship uses 50 to 100 tons of fuel a day @ $700 a ton.  Sixty gallons per mile.
Yesterdays “engine repair” was to replace a card, which meant stop the engine, restart, and get the pitch to 0.

Diana Lopez organized the Cruise Critic Farewell Luncheon 11:30am in the Main Dining Room.  I got to sit between Jessica & Jim, friends from Jack’s and my last cruise together.  I really enjoyed visiting with them.
The menu was Creamy Leek Soup OR Classic Caesar Salad; Beer Battered Fresh Cod OR New York Strip Loin OR Penne “Pesto” with Cherry Cobbler.  Diana said that over 300 came!
Relaxing afternoon.

We were all at dinner tonight.  I was still full of lunch, but I ate the Goat Cheese, Fig, Apple, & Almond appetizer, Fried Haddock, and decaf coffee.

The Cruise Specialists cocktail party was at 6:30pm.  Jan & David were waiting for me with a glass of Zinfandel Rose wine.  Thoughtful.  I still ordered a Singapore Sling.  Their friends Gay and Timmie sat with us.  Good conversation.
Host Tom Mullen spoke, followed by Keith & Susie Boyland.  It has been a great voyage.
After more visiting, Timmie caught everyone’s attention with her loud whistle.  David spoke, thanking Tom, Susie, and Keith.
We kept visiting for a while.  I took my Singapore Sling back to my room to finish.
Waiting for me were two dark chocolates, etc. with another notice that the ship’s clocks will move backward an hour.  Nice.

Photo gallery by Barbara Cummings

Photo by Ricardo Esquivel on

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