Grand Africa, voyage, Day 61, sailing the Atlantic ocean

9 December 2022, At Sea, Atlantic Ocean

Wonderful extra hours sleep last night.  Now I add 4 hours to my Apple Watch’s East coast time.
We are At Sea on our way to the Cape Verde Islands off the NW coast of Africa.. Sea motion makes it hard to walk without staggering. Whitecaps are out in the water.

I photographed the breakfast choices in the Lido Market buffet.  I enjoyed eating the Filipino sweet roll, apple Danish, fruit, orange juice, and coffee.
Tai Chi was cautious with the ship’s motion.

Kate Ross is still onboard, because she had Covid when she was supposed to leave in Cape Town, South Africa.  Now she will give talks across the Atlantic to Ft. Lauderdale.
This morning’s talk was “How Intelligent Are You?”  Everyone has some sort of intelligence.  Howard Gardner’s 1983 book identifies eight different types:  Verbal, Logical/Mathematical, Visual/Spatial, Bodily/Kinesthetic,  Musical,  Interpersonal,  Intra Personal,  Naturalistic. A ninth could be Existential Intelligence.  This all causes different learning styles.

Jeremy presented Port Essentials at 11am for the next two ports.  No shuttles confirmed yet.  Praia is the capital of the archipelago of the ten Cape Verde islands.  Portuguese is spoken, and the Cape Verde Escudos are their money.  Euros might be accepted.  The Sucupira Market sounds good.  Cidade Velha is the old capital city.  
Mindelo is on Sao Vicente Island.  It is a popular cruise destination from Europe.  The Mercado Municipal is smaller than Praia’s.  Tours go to places away from Mindelo, Beautiful warm weather is expected on both days.

My lunch was an Asian salad, deviled eggs, and yummy creamed carrot soup with milk.

The Boat Building Competition was at the Lido Pool at 2pm.  One boat was made of Coke cans, and the other was a white partly cardboard affair.  A family with two children boarded in Cape Town.  I asked the daughter if she had built one of the boats?  No, but her brother did with their dad and grandpa.  Both boats floated well, no load carrying attempt, but a “rogue wave” capsized the white one.  The Coke can boat won “most seaworthy,” and the white boat won “best design.”  They were a happy family.

This afternoon was our mandatory check in at our emergency muster stations.  Just go and have your room card scanned.  And watch the safety video on the TV.  Later the Captain announced his part of the drill that is required every 30 days.

By then it was dinner time.  Jan & David have changed rooms again.  Their 4am noise this morning was too much.  I heard nothing then and am close to their former room.
Good dinner tonight.  I ate the Shrimp & Artichoke Dip appetizer, Filet of Beef Wellington, Triple Berry Alaskan Tart, opened #8 bottle of wine, and decaf coffee.

“On World Stage:  Vocalist Rebecca Kelly presented My Tapestry:  The Songs of Carole King. .  .  one of the most influential song writers of our time.” 
Jeremy announced that the shuttle for tomorrow had been confirmed.
Collected my passport on the way to my room, where two dark chocolates, etc. were waiting for me. 

I am thankful to be blessed with this Grand Africa Voyage.

Photo Gallery by Barbara Cummings

Around the ship activities

The Lido Breakfast Opportunities

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on

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