Grand Africa, voyage day59, sailing in the Atlantic ocean

7 December 2022, At Sea, Atlantic Ocean

We are sailing along the NW coast of Africa today at 18.5 knots to make it to tomorrow’s port.
My breakfast was a Raisin Bun with orange juice and coffee.  Resisted the special lemon filled raised round donut.  Raisin Buns is the best, anyway.
I went up to the Crow’s Nest (deck 9 forward) early to photograph the artwork.  The sea and boats are the theme. 
This got me to Tai Chi early.

Olga Stavrakis’s last lecture was at 10am.  “The Cape Verdes, Between Africa and New England”.  These islands off the NW coast of Africa were uninhabited until the Portuguese brought slaves from Africa to grow sugar cane.  Only 10% of the volcanic soil can grow anything, so the Portuguese left.  The local mixed population nearly starved.  Men had to go find jobs elsewhere, leaving the women in charge.  The whalers found work in New Bedford, Mass.  Saved their money and bought ships. Brought their families to Mass. and to Fox Point, Rhode Island.
They were an invisible minority and created a separate culture, sending food and blue barrels of clothing back to those still on the Cape Verde Islands. 
Their Morna music tells the sadness of separations.  Cesaria Vora is famous for her music. Bautista family guitars are the best.
They speak a creole type of Portuguese.
Chachupa is their local stew.
We will find good friendly people, whose men were responsible and took care of their families.

I was confused about the shore excursion charges on my shipboard statement, so I visited the Shore Excursions desk.  All was well, except that I did not understand.  (A canceled onboard tour removes the original charge and shows nothing on the statement.)  (A canceled Cruise Specialists tour bought at home shows a credit for this amount.)  (When they changed me from a morning tour to an afternoon tour, I was charged for the $49 tour.  But they silently removed the original $49 charge.)  They understand what they are doing and printed out my statement for me.

Yesterday’s laundry had been delivered to my room.  Nice and clean on hangers and folded.
My light lunch in the Lido was an Asian salad, spring rolls, and milk.
The Captain’s noon report told of some people seeing sea life:  a whale, flying fish, flying tuna, porpoises.
I am glad to have a relaxing afternoon in my room.

All five from our dinner table went to the Pinnacle Grill (Steak & Seafood Restaurant) this evening.  Celebrating Jan’s grandma’s birthday and remembering Pearl Harbor.  Only one appetizer without a surcharge, so I ordered the Panko Fried Stuffed Mushroom Caps.  Charlotte got the Clothesline Candied Bacon for us all to share.  Decadent.  I had them bring out the flat cracker bread that is so good.  My entree was the Boneless Rib Eye Steak with Mustard & Cognac Sauce.  We shared a number of sides:  Creamed Spinach, Asparagus with Hollandaise, Roasted Baby Beets with Blue Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, and Sautéed Mushrooms.  My Baked Alaska was huge, but delicious.  Zinfandel Rose wine and Chai tea completed the meal.

We finished just in time to rush to the evening entertainment.  “On World Stage:  Classique.  The Zaandam Singers & Dancers return with modern hits with a classical twist.”  Great show.  Eight singers & dancers.  Some light opera with good solos.

Two dark chocolates, etc. were waiting in my room.  It has been a great day.

Quote of the Day: “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste it, to experience it to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Photo gallery by Barbara

Around the ship

Dinner and a show

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