Grand Africa, voyage, day 58, At sea the Atlantic Ocean

 6 December 2022, At Sea, Atlantic Ocean

We are At Sea.  “No Signal” for any TV news this morning.  
I gathered dirty laundry to send out in the blue bag.
I tried a different pastry for breakfast:  sort of a sweet, glazed croissant pretzel.  Almost too big.  Fruit, orange juice, and coffee filled me up.

From instructor Mary Ann’s Tai Chi Notes: “Tai Chi involves and develops physical and mental balance.  Tai Chi can be done standing, standing while holding on to a secure object, sitting down, and lying own. 
‘MBI’ Tai Chi Principles:
    Muscle movement that is slow, smooth, controlled, and continuous.  Often against an invisible, gentle force.
    Body alignment:  control of weight transfer.
    Internal song:  loosening or relaxation, Mind-body integration, Jing: Mental focus, quiet.”
I enjoy Tai Chi on sea days.

Olga Stavrakis’s 10am lecture was “Human Origins and Missing Links.”  
First, she told us that “Today’s theory will be wrong tomorrow.”  Geneticists are saying that humans first came from Southwest Africa before moving east to the Rift Valley.  Erosion and climate destroyed evidence in the SW.  However, remains of bones have survived in East Africa.
She showed us photos of many bones and theories for pre-human primates and for humans.  Mysteries remain.  When humans left behind the diseases of Africa, they blossomed and multiplied in Asia and Europe and beyond.

At 11am Jeremy’s Port Essentials told us about Dakar, Senegal, where our church friend Jennifer worked at the Embassy a few years ago.  Lots of things to see and do.  The Kemal Market and the 2018 Museum of Black Civilizations sound fascinating to me.

My lunch was a bowl of Asian noodles with broccoli and beef.

At 1pm the ms Zaandam’s centerpiece pipe organ came to life with music for 15 minutes. This time I videoed the moving characters with the music.
Turned in my passport as requested, and finally finished yesterday’s email from this journal.
Also found that some news was available to watch.

Dressy evening tonight, so tried to look my best.  No steak & lobster on the menu, so experimented.  I ordered the Escargot Bourguignon, Lemongrass Coconut Tofu Curry (delicious!), Banana Tatin (exquisite), Zinfandel Rose wine, and decaf coffee.  It was a special dinner for sure.

“On World Stage:  Comedy Vocalist Rebecca Kelly takes us through a tongue in cheek look at the tips and tricks of the trade with her trademark combination of powerhouse vocals and down to earth wit.”
She said that her luggage has not yet arrived.

Waiting in my room were two chocolates, tomorrow’s Daily Program, and a frog towel animal.  Ellie the Elephant has a new friend.

Photo gallery by Barbara Cummings

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