Grand Africa, voyage day56, Takoradi, Ghana

 4 December 2022, Takoradi, Ghana

Today is Sunday.  And I need to hurry to meet my tour group.
Breakfast was an Egg Benedict with sausage, fruit, orange juice, and coffee.

Heather’s “West Coast Day Trip” 6 hours, $79, met at 8:10am at the deck 3 Atrium.
Linda was in charge of my van #2.  We waited and waited.  The port Pilot had been late, and then the local officials were late to clear the ship.  We finally left the ship about 9am.

Happy people on the dock.  There was tempting shopping, and an Across Africa Tours man draped a Welcome scarf around my neck.  Akwaaba = welcome.  I chose a good seat on van #2.  Guide Edwina and driver Stephen.

Jeremy had warned us not to take photos of the port or of government buildings, police, or military.  Yet all of the local people were welcoming and helpful.
Their language in Ghana was Fanti, but most spoke English.  Across Africa Tours took photos and videos of our tours.  Maybe local TV too?

“You will be picked up from the port.  Drive to Albert Bosomtwi – Sam Fish Harbor in Sekondi.  Visit the oldest harbor where fishing boats are tied up.”  We arrived and were led to a conference room, where the head administrator of the port welcomed us, summarized their high standards, and encouraged us to take photos and to talk with the local people.  It was crowded and hot.  Friendly people.  When I could take no more sun, I told the head administrator that I needed to return to the van.  A young soldier accompanied me.

Driving back to Takoradi, I noticed people dressed up and going to church.  Many women wore white or black & white.  Christianity is strong in Ghana.

“Proceed to Bisa Aberwa Museum, which is one of the largest African collections of sculpture .  .  .  Here you will learn the history and culture of Ghana.”  It was a really nice museum, showing their pride of their history.  After taking a few photos, we were told that no photos were allowed.

Next we drove to “Takoradi Market Circle, the third largest market in Ghana .  .  .  The best farm produce .  .  .  Best souvenirs.”
Jeremy had showed us the photo of the Market Circle leveled to the ground to be rebuilt.  AAT Megan told us that it is operational and still under renovation.
We found the vegetable market in the outskirts of the Market Circle.  Some ladies wanted handicrafts, so we walked together through the busy market with that goal.  Eventually we learned that it was all produce, so we turned around and returned to the van.  Saw friendly, welcoming people.  Yams were huge.

“You will drive for around 15 minutes from the market straight to Fort Orange.  The continent’s troubled yet rich history has many relics standing today to attest to this fact .  .  .  One of eight forts .  .  .  Now serves as a naval base for the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, it is open to the general public.”  Here we were allowed to photograph the historic fort, but not the waterfront port area.
Tour guide Edwina gave us each a Ghana chocolate bar.

In the mid-afternoon you will hit the sandy beaches best known for clean water and the best Ghanean cuisine. 
The beach resort was nice.  We sat at tables and enjoyed a good buffet lunch of the foods of Ghana.  I liked the mild fried rice, the beef dish, spicy fried bananas, fried yam strips, and a little of the fried fish.  I drank a Coca Cola. 
We were told that Ghana had avoided Covid by eating spicy foods and drinking their favorite hibiscus drink, which was offered.

Men walked by selling necklaces and bracelets.  I bought some.  And I walked down to the beach to take photos.  Drummers and dancers entertained at the end, even including some of our group in the dancing.  Time to return to the ship, which was not very far.
I noticed a number of short stocky goats today.  Fully grown.  Some were tied in traffic circles to eat down the grass.

Back at the port I enjoyed some more shopping.  Then I boarded the ship and returned to my room to rest, totally wilted from the humid 86 degrees.
Had time to watch an online service from our home church.

At dinner we compared our three different tours.  The one that was two hours away had a police escort.
My dinner was the Classic Caesar Salad, Polish Galumphing Cabbage Rolls, Pear Frangipane Tart, the Zinfandel Rose wine, and decaf coffee.

“On World Stage:  Pianist Ian & Vivienne von Memerty in African Elegance.  The presenter of Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing with the Stars) in South Africa for 5 years is joined by his wife, as they celebrate the color and energy of South African Music.”  Great show.

Then I picked up my passport to have with me, when we go ashore tomorrow.
Two chocolates, etc. were waiting in my room.  
Posting and labeling photos for family, writing in my journal, and sending the family email will make a late bedtime.
Tonight I will finish my bottle of sweet white wine from the Canary Islands.
Vino de Licor Dulce, Producto de Espana.

Photo gallery by Barbara Cummings

About this Port

Sekondi-Takoradi is a city in Ghana comprising the twin cities of Sekondi and Takoradi.[2] It is the capital of Sekondi – Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly and the Western Region of Ghana. Sekondi-Takoradi is the region’s largest city and an industrial and commercial centre, with a population of 445,205 people (2012).[1]The chief industries in Sekondi-Takoradi are timber, cocoa processing, plywood, shipbuilding, its harbor and railway repair, and recently, sweet crude oil and crude oil. The fundamental job in Sekondi-Takoradi is fishing.[3] Sekondi-Takoradi lies on the main railway lines to Kumasi and Accra. (Source Wikipedia)

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