Grand Africa voyage day, 55 crossing the equator at the prime meridian

3 December 2022, Crossing the Equator at the Prime Meridian

Special day today.

First I went to the Lido for coffee and breakfast:  an apple Danish Pastry with pineapple, watermelon, and orange juice.
I photographed the Crow’s Nest TV map early, because it would be mobbed at 9:45 when we cross the Equator at the Prime Meridian.
I enjoyed a little Tai Chi, but left early to plant my journal on a good front row seat in the World Stage balcony for the 10am lecture.

Hurried back to my room, photographing the map at my deck 2 elevator that shows how I walk from one end of the ship to the other.  Ready to watch and photograph the 0-degree readings on my TV.  Nothing yet at 9:45am.  The Captain had announced that although the ship’s accuracy was within a few meters, we might not see the four zeroes.
I started to video at 9:48am when numbers were under 0.10.  They went down to 0.01 and then started rising.  I captured Captain Smit’s announcement of congratulations.  Then I watched the numbers continue to rise.

This ship’s Crossing the Equator certificate proclaimed….  “Looked at one time at all four hemispheres by crossing the point where the Prime Meridian and Equator intersect.
On behalf of the Ruler of the Seven Seas, the Lord of Boundless Waves, the Mistress of the Mists, the Master of the Tides, and the Regent of the Recesses of the Deep, I confer upon the below the title of trusty Emerald Shellback.
   Ane Jan Smit, Master of the Vessel
   Florin Dragomir, Hotel General Manager”

Saw tablemates Jan & David in the hallway.  He had just emailed me his prized 0000-degree treasure from someone’s GPS app.  I really appreciate having this treasure.

 I returned to the World Stage for the 10am lecture “West Africa Kingdoms” by Olga Stavrakis.  My journal was still on my good seat.  Olga explained that history had been discouraged here by some people.  And people’s priorities have been survival in the present.  A number of indigenous civilizations had flourished in Africa:  Kush, San, Roman, Egyptian, Nok, Axum, Songhai, etc.  Today’s peoples are descendants of these civilizations which have been under credited.  Caravans and traders brought intellectual information, new ideas, and Islam.

Lunch in the Lido was Spring Rolls with noodles, pickled ginger, and milk.  Eyed the good cookies but enjoyed the great ice cream for dessert:  Chocolate, Butter Pecan, and Pineapple Sorbet.

Yesterday at dinner, tablemate David mentioned that he had emailed Megan of Across Africa Tours and ended up being included in a good tour in Abidjan, Ivory Coast on 12/5. Since the changes for Takoradi, Ghana disappointed me, I emailed Megan last night.  I had a reply this morning, and I had instructions from tour leader Heather onboard (when and where to meet) before I left for 9am Tai Chi.  I think that my AAT refund will pay for this good tour in Takoradi.

Busy day today.  The Art Gallery Manager Helen gave a 2pm talk in the Wajang Theater about the History of Impressionism.
Olga Stavrakis, the detailed lecturer, held an informal gathering there at 3pm.  She told us about the Krobo Crushed Glass beads of Ghana.  Recycled bottles, melted into beads.  There will be lots of beads in the markets.

Our dinner table has December 7 reservations for the Pinnacle Grill restaurant.
I also made a reservation for my second complimentary Pinnacle Grill dinner.  (Five Star Mariner)
It turned out that Jan gets the credit for the 0000-degree photo that David sent to me.  She was in the Crow’s Nest, when someone’s GPS app captured the sacred 0000.  He generously shared with everyone around, including Jan.
My dinner was Kibbeh Lamb Bulgar Wheat Croquette, Tandoor Chicken, Sacher Torte, the Zinfandel Rosé wine, and decaf coffee.

“On World Stage:  CH2 Duo.  It is rare that you find two musicians that are so in sync, that they sound as one.  Crowned the world champion guitar duo by the legend Lee Ritenour and also known as the fastest hands in the world, you will not want to miss a show by CH2
Classical guitars with a Spanish flavor.  Standing ovation.
Two dark chocolates, etc. tonight.

Good night from a trusty Emerald Shellback

Photo gallery by Barbara Cummings

One thought on “Grand Africa voyage day, 55 crossing the equator at the prime meridian

  1. What an exciting day for you. Truly once in lifetime experience.
    Your good food is killing me. I open your log just before I cook my
    dinner and am drooling looking at your choices. 😊
    Hope your next tour is a good one for you. Stay safe.

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