Grand Africa voyage – Day 51, sailing the south Atlantic

Day 51 navigational information,photo by Barbara
Zaandam today, courtesy of Marine traffic
A wider view, courtesy of C scanner,.

29 November 2022, At Sea, Atlantic Ocean

Today is a Sea Day:  calm, peaceful, quiet.
The morning Lido special is “Ostrich Omelet Station:  Start the morning with an African Omelet made with Ostrich egg.”  It looked good and tasted good with fruit, orange juice, and coffee.  Christmas trees are up.  I am wearing my new caftan top from Walvis Bay.  I thought that it was African, but now I think that it is probably Asian.  I do like it.

Arriving at Tai Chi, the sweet lady from Alberta, Canada had already set out my favorite chair for me.  I start the movements standing.  But when foot movements become important, I sit down to participate.  Several of us do, and instructor Mary Ann stresses safety on this moving ship.

Olga Stavrakis spoke at 10am: “African Encounters with Europeans.”  She went through lots of history.  Former Portuguese, French, & Dutch colonies still affect Africa.  International corporations control the mineral resources today.  Local Africans are not in control of their own wealth, and resources are underdeveloped.  Poverty reigns.

My lunch in the Lido was the Asian noodles, stir fry pork & veggies, curried meatballs, and milk.  Dessert was chocolate ice cream & orange sorbet.

It is nice to have a relaxing afternoon.
I did go turn in my passport as requested.  
Then I went to the front desk to have my pencil collection sharpened.  I am disappointed that they can no longer break 50 Euro bills (about $50) into smaller bills.
I also visited the photo gallery and moved another photo into my folder.

I walked to the aft end of my deck 2 hallway to look outside.  Now there are a few lounge chairs, but best is the water view.  Beautiful warm day.  79 degrees

At dinner we all talked about plans for tomorrow.  Dinner was delicious:  Grilled Eggplant & Kalamata Olives & Feta, Chicken Parmigiana, Chocolate Caramel tart, the Zinfandel Rose wine, and decaf coffee.

“On World Stage:  Comedian Mark Sampson.  Described as ‘South Africa’s funniest stand-up comedian by some distance,’ Mark Sampson has been making audiences laugh for over 25 years.” Good show tonight.
Activities Director Erika says that Cruise & Travel Director Jeremy is feeling better in Covid isolation and has cabin fever now.

Back in my room were two dark chocolates with the Daily Program.  
The Turkey and Penguin towel animals are gone.  I am glad that Ellie the Elephant gets to stay.

Quote of the Day: “You do not travel if you are afraid of the unknown.  You travel for the unknown, that reveals you within yourself.”  Ella Mailla

Photo gallery by Barbara Cummings

Photo by RENATO CONTI on

One thought on “Grand Africa voyage – Day 51, sailing the south Atlantic

  1. Hi Barbara,
    Your top might be Thai, Asian or African. You’ll never see one like it in US,
    so you can say it’s from anywhere you want. Nice photo of you. You look
    Just like you did on the 64 day Seattle to San Diego cruise. How did you do that ???
    Be safe and continue to enjoy your cruise. Again, thanks for including me.

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