Grand Africa, voyage, day, 49 Wallis Bay, Namibia

27 November 2022  Walvis Bay, Namibia

Good Sunday morning.  We docked at Walvis Bay, Namibia in Africa about 7:30am. We were cleared to go ashore by 8am, but it is cool and gray outside and the lines for face to passport inspection by local authorities is long.  I can go through it later.

Namibia used to be German West Africa. Walvis Bay has the historic Rhenish Mission church and the Walvis Bay Baptist Church.  The ship’s Interdenominational service is 6pm, which is during my dinner.
The shuttle bus will go directly to the Dunes Mall and then to the waterfront.  
I can watch our home church’s recorded service on my iPad, which is easier.  Good hymns today.  Rev. Hughes preached about thankfulness.

My good breakfast was an Egg Benedict, sausage, pineapple, watermelon, orange juice, and coffee in the Lido.  The back deck there was good for taking photos.

All passengers were called to go through immigration in the Explorers Lounge at 9:30am.  I went and was surprised to still find a long line back to the Atrium organ.  But the line moved fast.  I handed in the entry paper, got my passport stamped, and a sticker on my room key card.  Walked back through the library, so took photos.  This might be the last remaining library on Holland America ships.

I left the ship about 10:45am.  It felt so good to explore on my own at my own pace, not having to keep up with a tour group.  I could take my time taking photos.  Walked the long pier to the shuttle bus. Got to ride through this dry town on the edge of the desert.  The shuttle destination was the Dunes Mall.  It was really nice, and busy with Black Friday weekend shoppers.  
No souvenirs for Africa there.  Could not find what I wanted.  And I had left over South African Rand that needed to be spent here where it is accepted.
I changed my outlook and saw what was available.  I succeeded with a little Christmas shopping.  And I found a good public restroom.  Everyone spoke English and really tried to be helpful.

Two Christmas trees were displayed in the Mall. I had to wait a while for the return shuttle bus.  Crew members had big sacks of snacks and groceries. Guest Relations Manager Joanne and I had a nice conversation.  Her son back in the Philippines is 16 now, taller than her.
The shuttle delivered me to the Waterfront shopping.  I went into the closest nice shop.  Looked around and asked about fabrics.  The sales lady led me outside and pointed out a nearby stall, introducing me to the salesgirl.  The sweet girl had lots of fabrics.  I liked the heavy Batiks the best.  Two were huge like tablecloths, but stiff with wax.  I liked the smaller table runner size that could be wall hangings.  Chose three, paying with the last of my South African Rand + 10 Euros + $2.  She would not take less, because “my mother would beat me.”  The three are of zebras and giraffes.

Sitting outside the fabric stall was a big bare breasted woman who invited me to photograph her, if I bought a trinket.
Not needing a trinket, I returned to the nice store and bought a pretty top with elephants on it.  It was a really successful shopping day.
Caught the next shuttle bus back to the ship.  I was back in my room about 2:30pm.  Time to rest. 

All four of my tablemates were on tours today, not making it back in time for dinner.  I was really hungry and feasted on the Corn & Crabmeat Fritter, Pickled Red Beet with Goat Cheese, Calf’s Liver with Apples & Pancetta, Mango Mousse Terrine, the Zinfandel Rose wine, and decaf coffee.
Walked past the Explorer’s Lounge and turned in the departure paper to local immigration for a stamp in my passport.  Ship’s staff put another sticker on my room key card.

“On World Stage:  The Rhythm of Africa” The Black Melody Cultural Group performed traditional music and dance.  I recorded part of their “Jerusalem” song.  They mentioned God’s love.  Protestant missionaries have been here for years.

Waiting in my room were two dark chocolates, etc. with notice that, “Tonight the ship’s clocks will move backward one hour.”  It will be nice to get an extra hour’s sleep.

Photo Gallery by Barbara Cummings

While Barbara was enjoying South Africa. I spent 10 days with our family and our daughter Lisa and her husband’ Andy at theirs home in Monroe Washington. It was a blessed time and thanks to the Internet, we were able to share with Barbara even though she was almost 9000 miles away coming home. I did a little bit of sailing myself as I crossed the Puget Sound from Edmonds, Washington to Kingston, Washington on the state ferry, and it was a beautiful day.

2 thoughts on “Grand Africa, voyage, day, 49 Wallis Bay, Namibia

  1. How very nice to see Jack’s photos and commentary interspersed with Barbara’s. You two are so tech smart. Love the stories and all the learning about Africa. Continued thanks for your givings to those who follow you.

  2. I remember Namibia as a dry, dusty place. Well your cruise is drawing to a close and soon you will be home with Jack. So nice you could talk to each other and family over Thanksgiving.
    Stay safe and healthy. Thank you again for taking me on your journey

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