Grand Africa Voyage day 48 – Sailing Atlantic Ocean

25 November 2022, At Sea, Atlantic Ocean

I slept in a little after such a late night.  It was so good seeing the photos of the family Thanksgiving celebrations.  Technology keeps us together.
This morning the ship is rolling along, and there are lots of whitecaps in the Atlantic Ocean.
My hallway door number now has a Christmas penguin.
Breakfast was muesli & granola, fruit, orange juice, and coffee.
I went straight to Tai Chi.

Activities Director Erika announced that Cruise & Travel Director Jeremy has tested positive for Covid.  He will be in isolation for a few days and not giving Port Essentials talks for Luderitz and Wallis Bay, Namibia.  We really need his good information.

Diana Lopez led the Cruise Critic Meet & Greet at 10am.  I took photos for her again.  New people who boarded in Cape Town were introduced.  Pencils, etc., etc., brought for an orphanage in Banjul, Gambia (canceled port) will go to another port.  Knit & Stitch people are making Linus blankets.  C C Roll Call leaders Mary Anne & Tallulah spoke.  Send special photos to Mary Anne to be included in the photo book after we return home.  Several groups going on special future cruises gathered after this M & G.  Such a good Meet & Greet.

I went by the Black Friday sale beside the Lido pool but found nothing.  Returned to my room to sort through photos, etc.  Talked with Room Steward Dodid, always so happy. He knew that Jeremy had Covid.  I told him to stay well.  He said he was praying to stay well.  I said that I would pray for him too.

Captain Smit’s noon voice from the bridge was full of news.  The strong winds are increasing so much, that we would not be able to safely tender to Luderitz, Namibia tomorrow.  That port is canceled, and tomorrow will be a sea day as we head straight for Walvis Bay, Namibia.  Luckily these winds come with following seas.
My tasty lunch was noodles, stir fry veggies, and beef from the Asian corner.  With milk.

Daniel Silke gave his third talk at 2pm.  “South Africa 2022/3:  Stabilizing a Rocky Ship?”
Previously titled “Critical Issues Facing South Africa in the Future.”
South Africa has serious problems, but it is more integrated now and people are free to speak out in this democracy.  In the 2024 elections, the long powerful Africa National Congress party might be replaced.  He has hope.  King Charles of England’s first diplomatic guest was the President of South Africa.  President Biden is gathering the leaders of Africa in Washington, DC.  Maybe there will be less influence from USSR and China?

I am feeling much better about South Africa after the two days in Cape Town.  So many really nice people.  And it truly is a beautiful country.

I gathered my things and went to see Roy in the Photo Gallery.  Again, Roy (Black Label photographer) helped move all of my Meet & Greet photos from my iPhone and Sony Camera onto the thumb drive to share with Diana Lopez.

Tonight we were all at dinner with stories to share.
My dinner was the Coconut Crusted Shrimp, Indian Chicken Biriyani & Mint, Carrot Cake, and decaf coffee.  My wine bottle #6 is Beringer’s Rose.  Supposedly Cellar Master Ron said that it is the same as the White Zinfandel?

“On World Stage:  Comedian Mark Sampson.  A comedian and powerful communicator (from Cape Town, the Portland of Africa) who brings a lightness of touch to difficult issues by diffusing their fears with digestible facts leavened with fun.”
Activities Director Erika did a great job introducing our entertainer, since Jeremy is isolated with Covid.

Waiting in my room were two dark chocolates, etc., along with my morning laundry already returned.
I keep looking at everyone’s Thanksgiving photos, feeling oh so good.  And glad to have another FaceTime phone call.

Quote of the Day: “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.”  Anonymous

Photo by Guillaume Hankenne on

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