Grand Africa Voyage day 46, Cape town, Africa

24 November 2022, Thanksgiving in Cape Town, South Africa

Dear Family,
I have been thinking of you all day.  My Thanksgiving in South Africa has been so different.  Thank you for carrying on family traditions.

I got up early to be able to meet my Cruise Specialists “Cape Winelands” tour at 8:15am.
My breakfast was Eggs Benedict, sausage, pineapple, watermelon, orange juice, & coffee.
I met our Cruise Specialists hosts Susy & Keith in the Ocean Bar.  Our group of 14 left the ship together and boarded our big bus.

Leave Cape Town and head toward the dramatic range of mountains called the ‘Hottentots Holland’ Pass.   White-washed homesteads nesting under avenues of oaks, rolling green hills covered with wildflowers, fertile valleys alive with the sounds of surging streams, and restaurants with French names and Dutch flavors.  The Winelands is home to some of the world’s finest wines and Stellenbosch is the second oldest town in South Africa after Cape Town.
Discover the famous town of Paarl, nestled among fruit and wine farms in the Berg River Valley beneath the imposing granite rocks of Paarl Mountain.  Enjoy a cellar tour and wine tasting at one of the wine estates in the Paarl region.”

We arrived at the Fairview estate, where they also raise goats and make goat cheeses.
Our tasting was six dry wines paired with six of their really great goat cheeses.  Beautiful gardens with star jasmine.  And we got to see some of the goats.

“From here continue to the lush Franschheok Valley and the Huguenot village of Franschheok. (French Corner)”
We made a photo stop at the Huguenot Memorial.  Then guide Winston and driver James parked downtown and let us have 45 minutes of free time.  I enjoyed shopping.  Looked for a sweeter wine and was told that only dry was sold.
I did succeed in buying toothpaste for about a dollar.

“Enjoy a second wine tasting, followed by a picnic lunch.”
We drove to the Grande Provence estate, where our picnic had been moved indoors by huge vats of wine, in case of rain.  Picnic baskets were full of food, and the “Angels Tears” wines were endless.  The Rose wine was close to having some sweetness.
Nobody needed another wine tasting.  But we got one.  I tasted the Moscato wine and brought it back to the ship.  A second Moscato was a more sweet dessert wine.  
We are allowed to bring one bottle of wine apiece onto the ship to drink in our rooms if we are on a wine tour.  I will enjoy the Moscato.

“Stellenbosch has become known as the ‘Town of Oaks’. .  .  Also famous for the typical Cape Dutch-style architecture.”
We drove through this gorgeous university town, round, and round, admiring this beautiful place.

We did stop at another wine estate briefly to admire the buildings and the shops.
Drove back into Cape Town by a southern route, getting to see the wide range of housing for the people.  Arrived at the port about 5:30pm, satisfied with new Thanksgiving memories.
Went through X-ray security in the cruise terminal and also South Africa’s Immigration Departure Inspection (showing face and passport). 

Not at all hungry for any more food.
Chris’s 6pm face time phone call was a beautiful surprise.  8am at Lisa & Andy’s.  Really pleased to see family traditions continue.  All of the text messages, photos, and Jackie’s phone message really warmed my heart.

Busy evening sharing photos and writing about today.
Two chocolates, etc. were brought to my room.
We sailed at 11pm.
Again, Happy Thanksgiving!  

Photo Gallery by Barbara Cummings

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