Grand Africa, voyage day, 44 – A to Sea off of the South African coast in the Indian Ocean

22 November 2022, At Sea, South Africa Coast, Indian Ocean

This is Thanksgiving week, so we all should be thankful for God’s blessings.  Hopefully family gatherings will be loving and joyful.  Whatever your age, pitch in to help.  Keep asking how you can be helpful.

My breakfast this morning was a fresh cinnamon waffle with bacon, pineapple, orange juice, and coffee.  Server Ane told me that dolphins had been jumping out of the water.  Out back, it is getting cooler along the coast of South Africa.  66 degrees.  Saw a whale this morning, just the tail, but several times.
TV news tells of a killer earthquake in West Java, Indonesia.   This could affect some of our Indonesian crew.  Also, the Cape Town taxi drivers are on a two-day strike.

I went to Tai Chi, but Mary Ann’s husband said that she was sick.  (Maybe 24-hr flu?)
So I got a great seat in the World Stage.  Then Jeremy announced that Kate Ross’s 10am talk was canceled because of “health protocols.”  Yesterday Kate was hoarse but energetic.
This gave me time to return to my room and put away things gathered in the last two ports.
Still had time to admire the exquisite Ardmore ceramic art to home design display in one of the shops onboard.  Exquisite table settings, vases, tablecloths, pillows, etc.  Very high prices.
The other shop had a lovely top for $95 and Grand Africa mugs for $20.  Maybe there will be another sale?

I returned to my good seat, where Jeremy gave Port Essentials for Cape Town, South Africa.  Cooler temperature 67 degrees predicted with rain our first night.  So much to see:  V & A Waterfront, City Center, Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch gardens, Signal Hill sunset, Camps Bay, Chapman’s Peak Drive, Cape of Good Hope, Simon’s Town, Robben Island, Winelands (Costantia and Stellenbosch areas) and the Aquila Game Reserve Safari ($329.95 HAL).

Today’s treat in the Lido was a Dutch Corner offering traditional Dutch dishes.  I asked for a little of everything, which was more than enough to eat, but there were even more foods offered.  My plateful (including Old Amsterdam cheese), Dutch apple pie, milk, and coffee were a very filling lunch.  The Dutch apple pie was few apples with a tasty filling.

Political Analyst David Silke spoke at 1pm about The Rise & Fall of Apartheid (separation) in South Africa.  Cape Town is a complex city.  One political party was in power 1948 to 1994.  Forced removals separated the races.  The election of F W DeKlerk freed the government and released Nelson Mandela from prison.  Then came the Negotiation Years.  People got to vote, and the new Constitution offered hope.

Tonight at dinner we said goodbye to Dining Steward Yoga.  He is returning to his wife and two toddlers on Sumatra in Indonesia.  My dinner was the Beef Tataki appetizer, Veal Piccata, Carrot Cake, White Zinfandel, and decaf coffee.
“On World Stage:  It Takes Two” musical evening of fun: Hailey & Jack + two more MS Zaandam Singers & Dancers.

About 8pm we sailed past the southernmost tip of the African continent.  Could see nothing, so photographed TV map.  We should now be in Atlantic waters.
I went back to the Ardmore collection of temptation.  Bought two napkins that just might end up as throw pillows.
Good Night, all.  Sweet dreams.

Photo gallery by Barbara Cummings

Photo by Pixabay on

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