Grand Africa, voyage day, 43 – at sea, Indian ocean

21 November 2022 At Sea, Indian Ocean

The ship was sailing when I woke up this morning.  Hurried to breakfast and ate muesli + granola + berry slurry with orange juice and coffee.  Sunny day outside with whitecaps on the water.
When Hotel Director Florin arrived in the Lido, I asked and learned that we had sailed at 2am instead of 11pm.  Fueling had taken longer than expected, because someone was late, and we needed so much.

Went out back to visit with Jan & David.  Thankfully, their similar tour yesterday to Thula Thula Game Reserve and Zulu Village was wonderful, also through Across Africa Tours.  Their group was small.

Tai Chi felt good.
Then I went to hear Kate Ross lecture on Saving the World’s Art.  “Art and Architecture are symbols of civilization.”  Unfortunately, there has been “intentional destruction in some cultures.” 
Back to my room to work on photos and yesterday’s email.

Today there was Indian food in the Lido for lunch.  “Join us in the Lido Marketplace for some Indian inspired street food.”  I asked for a little of everything and one of the desserts to eat with milk.  Tasty. 

We have a new Guest Lecturer on board.  Daniel Silke is a political analyst and keynote speaker from Cape Town.  “South African Origins of Isolation, Discrimination Takes Root”
He spoke mostly about history – Europeans from Portugal, the Dutch, and the British.  The Great Trek inland, Great Migrations, the Battle of Blood River vs Zulus, gold and diamonds, the Anglo Boer War, and more recent politics.
Then I could return to my room to finish the email for yesterday and to write in this journal.

I used the Holland America Navigator “Let Us Know” to ask Guest Services Manager Joanna Valerio who to give copies of the obituaries for Bill & Robbin Prins.  He had started the HAL school in Jakarta, and they had both been long time HAL employees.  Joanna phoned immediately, remembering Bill & Robbin, and wanting to share the obituaries with others.

I did complain to Across Africa Tours about yesterday’s tour, and Megan has already offered to refund $99.50 for the “botched tour.”

“Dressy” evening tonight with a “Gala” dinner menu.  I enjoyed the Escargot Bourguignon, Filet Mignon Forest Mushroom, Tres Leches Crème Caramel, Beringer’s White Zinfandel, and decaf coffee.

“On World Stage:  Violinist Caitlin Deville.  Zambian born, (self-taught) international electrified violinist performs everything from Pop through classic Rock to well-known Dance hits.”  Picture a barefoot girl wearing a split-level dress and playing a variety of African music.  Spirited.

Returned to my room to find two dark chocolates and the Daily Program with a Thanksgiving Turkey towel animal.  Ellie the Elephant has a new friend.

Photo gallery by Barbara Cummings

Photo by Alesia Kozik on

2 thoughts on “Grand Africa, voyage day, 43 – at sea, Indian ocean

  1. Can’t believe this time worked. Barbara, these daily blogs are wonderful!! You have taken me on the high seas once again. Thank you so much for each of these detailed, we are right with you, take me away letters.

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