Grand Africa Voyages – At Sea, Mozambique Channel

17 November 2022, At Sea, Mozambique Channel

The extra hours sleep last night felt so good.  Today is a Sea Day that could be relaxing. The Daily Program is full of choices, impossible to do everything.  But my plan is for a full day.
     9am  Tai Chi
   10am   Kate Ross lecture – The Struggle for South Africa
    11am   Shore Excursions talk for the next three ports
   12noon   Reservation for special Brunch feast
      1pm   Port Essentials for next two ports
      2pm   Nico Kotze lecture – Tourism in South Africa
      5pm   Dinner
      7pm   World Stage – Saxophonist
There is so much to learn to make visiting ports worthwhile.

I started with sending out a bag of dirty laundry and eating a light breakfast:  pineapple, orange juice, and coffee.

I enjoyed Tai Chi and two lectures.  The ship started moving more with the ocean swells. Walked carefully to the 75% off sale by the Lido pool.  Found a gorgeous top for $8.07. Then I went to the photo gallery to take down photos of me and have them added to my folder.  Also collected my free 5 Star photo of the ship.

Captain Smit’s noon announcement told us that the large ocean swells would increase and continue all the way to Cape Town.  Masks are still “strongly recommended,” because a few new Covid cases continue to appear each day.
The port of Banjul in The Gambia has been canceled because of tides.  We will visit Dakar, Senegal instead.  The money for my good Banjul tour has already been refunded into my ship account.  Glad that I still have my port research for Dakar from before it was canceled in September.  Itineraries can change over and over.

My noon Brunch was indeed a feast.  I enjoyed the First Course Cold Sampler and the Main Course Hot Sampler but was too full for the Dessert Course.
Two more lectures at 1pm and 2pm.  
Then back to my room to put my feet up and relax.
The safe in my closet has been replaced.  The new TV still has not been installed.

At dinner tonight we talked about your dad Jack’s blog.  It turned out that Jan is already getting secondhand information from Stephanie from Australia who is on your dad’s mailing list and receives it regularly.
I was still full of Brunch so ate the Creamy Carrot Soup, a tiny Chile Relleno, the Beringer’s White Zinfandel, and decaf coffee.

Our evening entertainer was Akos Laki with his tarnished Saxophone (for sound) and his Clarinet.  We met photos of his daughter, mother, and father in Rotterdam.

Today your dad Jack drove to Lisa and Andy’s to enjoy an extended Thanksgiving visit.  
I wish each one of you a blessed Thanksgiving.  There is so much for which to give thanks.

Photo Gallery by Barbara Cummings

Photo by Shawnna Donop on

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