Grand Africa, voyage – At Sea, Indian Ocean

14 November 2022 At Sea, Indian Ocean

Good morning.  We are At Sea today.  The ship is gently moving through the Indian Ocean, and I am well rested.  BBC News starts my day.  Breakfast in the Lido was a Raisin Bun, orange juice, and coffee.

When I told Dodid that my friends had moved into a room down the hall, he said, “Thank you for sending me good people.”
I took time to organize things in my room before rushing to 9am Tai Chi.  I stand at the beginning, but when she starts foot movements I sit down.  Ship motion could cause a fall.

Kate Ross’s 10am lecture was “Mozambique Yesterday and Today.”  She told us how the Bantu migration from central Africa had mixed with the first tribes of the Mozambique area. Arab traders arrived about 800 AD, bringing Islam.  Trade with India, SE Asia, & China.  Portugal came 1498 and stayed 500 years.  They mistreated the Africans, who eventually resisted and won independence in 1975.  When the Portuguese left, they took everything. The Africans were completely unable to govern themselves.  A peace treaty ended the civil war.  Now child soldiers are being rehabilitated. Sad situation.
A good book is “The Africans” by David Lamb.  Kate says that journalists write better history than the historians.

Jeremy presented the Port Essentials for Andoany (Hell-Ville), Nosy Be (island name), Madagascar.  It will be a tender port with a shuttle to Hotel Abud, which is 100 meters from the Market.  4195 Malagasy Ariary MGA = $1 USD.  This is a very basic, undeveloped town. Tuk tuks provide transportation.
Away from town are the Lakobe Nature Reserve with black male Lemurs (brown females), Lemur Land Zoo, Mont Passos, and the popular beaches & resorts.  French is spoken more than English.

My Main Dining Room lunch was the day’s special Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich with coffee.  Yum.
Dodid handed me the gift box from Holland America at my room door.  This is a formal evening, and the Grand Africa plate is impressive, complete with certificate from Royal Goedewaagen.
Yesterday’s laundry was returned clean and on hangers or folded.

Nico Kotze talked about “Johannesburg the city of gold?  Decades of deadlines and the renewal efforts.”  Gold was discovered 1886.  Affluent people moved to suburbs, and malls replaced the old Main St.  Downtown deteriorated.  Now there is regeneration and the planting of trees.  He has taught at the U. of Johannesburg since 2006, using students to do research.  Publish or perish.

I rushed to Arts & Crafts, but no seats were left.  However, there were enough extra Safari Animals Charm Necklace kits to hand out to everyone.  I can assemble it later.  🙂

Cruise Specialists held a Cocktail Party 4 to 5pm in the Crow’s Nest.  Tom Mullen welcomed me, and Susy & Keith Borland visited our table.  I ordered two Singapore Slings and sat with three people from the Seattle area.  Kathy’s husband also stayed home.

Nice formal dinner tonight.  My second Singapore Sling came to dinner with me.  Escargots Bourguignon, Filet Mignon & Lobster Tail, Tiramisu, and decaf coffee were my feast. Everyone is enjoying this voyage.

On World Stage tonight: “Mentalist Michael Abrahamson is one of South Africa’s top mentalists, performing unique material that wows audiences.”  Tablemate Jan was one of the passengers included in his show.  Famous now.

Waiting in my room with two chocolates and the gift plate was a doggie towel animal.  He can be friends with Ellie the Elephant.

Photo Gallery, by Barbara Cummings

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2 thoughts on “Grand Africa, voyage – At Sea, Indian Ocean

  1. Hi Barbara,
    I loved sea days. Time to catch your breath and rest up for next adventure.
    Drooled with your dinner description. and Singapore slings. Wanted to flap
    my arms and fly to join you.. Keep enjoying your voyage and stay safe.

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