Grand Africa, voyage – Zanzibar, Tanzania day two

13 November 2022, Zanzibar, day two

Today is Sunday.  Also, time for a new clean face mask. 

My 7am tender & shuttle bus &? taxi to the 8am Anglican Cathedral service in English plan did not happen.  I slept in till 6:45am.
Sent out a bag of laundry after yesterday’s sweaty day.
Enjoyed the Egg Benedict, a banger, fruit, orange juice, and coffee for breakfast.

Then I continued writing about yesterday in my journal.  
Open Tender (no ticket) was announced at 9:20am.
I got ready to go ashore with suntan lotion and the wide brimmed Cruise Specialists’ Safari hat.  Left the ship at 10:30am by tender boat.  Calmer seas today made it easier to step on and off.  I walked up to and through the Zanzibar port terminal to find a shuttle bus outside.  It did not leave until 11:20am.  Interesting shuttle ride along the coast and soon into Stone Town, winding here and there.

See the photographs from day two on the previous post, JWC

We were delivered to the remote Kelele Square near the Serena Hotel on the edge of Stone Town, which is all pedestrian.  Beautiful but rustic square.  With only $15 in local money to spend, I did not want to hire a guide or a taxi.  I walked around for a while, finding no close shopping.  I went into the hotel and found a warm welcome, especially if I wanted to visit the bar.  I walked through to the waterfront view and sat for a while in the ocean breeze. Today was even hotter than yesterday.
I decided to take the 12:30pm shuttle back to the port, where I could shop in the stands right outside the terminal.  Succeeded in finding a few nice things to buy.  I took the next tender boat back to the cool ship, arriving about 1pm.

My lunch was watermelon sorbet.  And hot coffee
Back in my room, it was time to type the email for yesterday and get it sent.  And to start working on photos and journal for today.  
Some people onboard like to knit or crochet or to read book after book.  I enjoy recording this voyage in my journal and sharing this monumental experience with family.
About 4pm the tender boats were hauled out of the water.  We sailed away at 5pm.

Good dinner gathering this evening, comparing travel agents.  
Jan & David had leaking water onto their carpet and no hot water, so today they moved to 2698, right down the hall from me.  They are close to the aft door that opens to an outside rear deck.  Private balcony almost.
My dinner was the Grilled Vegetable & Parmesan Cheese appetizer, Penang Coconut Pork, Pear Frangipane Tart, the Riesling wine, and decaf coffee.

Our entertainer tonight was saxophonist Akos Laki.  He “played classical music for years, while engaging in Balkan folk, Hungarian gypsy music, and Jazz, as well as Latin rhythms.”
Two dark chocolates, etc. were waiting in my room.

Quote of the Day: “Let the sea breeze blow your hair, let the sunset bring tranquility to your heart, let the distant places you travel allow you to explore yourself.”    Somya Kedia

Photo by Dmitry Limonov on

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