Grand Africa, voyage – Dar es Salaam day two

11 November 2022 Dar es Salaam, day two

I got up at 5am to get ready for the 6am Veterans Day service.  It was a good solemn gathering by the Sea View pool.  Tablemate David read the poem, “We Shall Keep the Faith.”

Afterwards I started labeling yesterday’s photos on our family shared album.  Resumed working on yesterday’s journal entry for a while.  Then went to the Lido for muesli & granola, orange juice, and coffee.

I took the shuttle bus downtown about 10am.  It went to the luxurious Hyatt Regency Hotel. We were made to feel most welcome.  Some passengers came to use the free Wi-Fi in their lobby.  I looked around, admired a bouquet of red flowers, and went to their main desk.  Got a map of the city.  No need to look for a market because they have a gift shop.  I kept exploring and was told that I was welcome to eat in their breakfast buffet.  I did look at their tempting foods (including Indian), but I was not hungry.
By now the gift shop was less crowded, but the prices were high – except for the baseball cap that I bought.  It says Tanzania with two giraffes.
I sat a while, then waited for the return shuttle bus.  A young doorman shared that he wished to visit the USA.  I told him to keep his dreams and pray for a miracle.  If it does not happen, then be content with what he has.

I like the people of Tanzania.  I like Tanzania.

Took the shuttle bus back to the ship and saw the green port gangway lying on the dock. By noon I was in the Lido enjoying my lunch of chocolate ice cream and hot coffee.
Again, I resumed working on yesterday’s journal entry.  Then typed the email and finally got it sent.

At dinner we celebrated the return of Jan’s husband David from Covid isolation.  On the evening of Nov 2, he had not felt quite right and tested positive for Covid.  He was moved into another ocean view stateroom down the hall from Jan.  His illness had fever and a little cough.  Seven days later he finally tested negative.  They tested Jan repeatedly, but she may still have some immunity from her May Covid.

My dinner was the French Onion Soup, Rustic Home-Made Lasagna, Chocolate Caramel Tart, the Riesling wine, and decaf coffee.
Our Zaandam Singers & Dancers performed “hits from some of the greatest musical groups made of four” in “Chart Toppers.”
Two dark chocolates were with the Daily Program waiting in my room.
I feel very content having enjoyed such a welcome visit in Dar es Salaam.

Photo Gallery, photos by Barbara Cummings

And one thing I really appreciate what. Holland America does is such tot set set aside time on Remembrance Day to remember all who served in all countries and those who never came home. One such service stands out in my mind as years ago we were sailing across the Coral Sea on the ms Amsterdam and below in the watery depths, laying at rest were the countless mini men who had given their lives for our freedom, and so many veterans gathered in the crows nest of the Amsterdam, and shared their stories, and shared the silence. May we never forget. JWC

One thought on “Grand Africa, voyage – Dar es Salaam day two

  1. Thank you again for an entertaining day. You do all the work and I get to enjoy your efforts.
    Pictures are wonderful addition to the log. Stay safe.

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