Grand Africa, voyage – last sea day in the Indian ocean

Continuing sailing toward our next port, photo by Barbara

9 November 2022 Last Sea Day in the Indian Ocean

A bigger picture of our location, screenshot by Jack, courtesy of C scanner

Strong sea swells and a few whitecaps this morning, so I walked carefully on the ship.  My Lido breakfast was a piece of raisin bread, orange juice, and coffee.

Instead of Tai Chi, I went to the World Stage for Coffee with Jeremy at 9am.  “Get to know our Staff Chief Engineer and some of his team members.”
Nicola from Croatia introduced Suchitra from India and Genell from the Philippines.  They presented photos and a long video of the Engine Room, which is fully automatic.  The Engine Room not only powers the ship, but it also provides air conditioning and potable water, it generates electricity, makes the toilets work (2 plumbers for 1200 toilets), and has a workshop to make what they do not have.  They manage the fuel, stabilizers, and recycling. Waterproof doors separate the various compartments.

Kate Ross’s 10am lecture on Madagascar was superb.  This isolated island has many unique plants and animals found nowhere else in the world.  It was settled not from Africa, but from Indonesia and Borneo.  Portugal, Britain, and France stepped in, and the now independent country is still maturing.

Jeremy presented his 11am Port Essentials for Zanzibar.  Also, superb.  This will be our first tender port.  The shuttle will deliver people to the edge of Stone Town near the Freddie Mercury Museum.  The center of Stone Town is all pedestrian – narrow streets – no cars. Spices and Jozani Forest (red colobus monkey) and friendly greetings matter in Zanzibar.

My lunch in the Main Dining Room was the Street Beef Tacos, Fried Calamari, and hot green tea.

This afternoon I enjoyed Nico Kotze’s talk about “The Province of Kwa Zulu-Natal and (the port city) Durban.”  The land of the Zulu.  British pioneers had problems, and the Zulu fought for independence.  Today they have a good market and wildlife areas to see.  Take water.  Be vigilant.  Stay safe.

Between 3pm and 5pm we satisfied a second safety drill (every 30 days) by checking in at my muster station 12 on deck 3, watching a new safety video on TV, and listening to a detailed announcement by the Captain.

My dinner tonight was the Fire Roasted Vegetable Quesadilla appetizer, the Maple Brined Salmon, Chocolate Whiskey Torte, the Riesling wine, and decaf coffee.
Tomorrow night Charlotte & Bill will be away on an overnight safari, and my tour will return after dinner.

“On World Stage, Instrumentalist Paul Stepien.  .  .  With different instruments (alto flute, electronic saxophone +, keyboard) takes the audience into his extraordinary and fabulous musical world.”

Two dark chocolates, etc. were waiting in my room.  Also, a notice for Remembrance Day on November 11 with a red poppy.  I put the red poppy on Ellie the Elephant’s head. 🙂

Photo Gallery, photos by Barbara Cummings

Photo by Sebastian Arie Voortman on

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