Grand Africa, cruise – crossing the Equator


8 November 2022  At Sea Crossing the Equator in the Indian Ocean

Good morning from ms Zaandam.  

Restful sleep.  TV map & clock channel is working this morning.  Last night I figured out how to set the little travel clock.
Set out a bag of laundry this morning.

My Lido muesli / granola + orange juice + coffe breakfast was just right.
Sweet Prand has never crossed the Equator before, so she will be a Polliwog in the King Neptune Ceremony today.  Smug Ane is already a Shellback.
I enjoyed the Tai Chi class today.

Afterwards I went straight to the Ocean View pool area to get a good seat for the 10:30am King Neptune Ceremony, initiating the Polliwogs.  Success in finding a front row chair in the sun, but not facing the sun.  My long-sleeved shirt and visor protected me from the sun.
Setting out the big ugly fish was an event.  Eventually the black-robed judge appeared, as did King Neptune with his queen and several lovely mermaids.  Then the Captain and his officers came to sit at their long table in the shade.

The judge announced that the first group of Polliwogs (entertainers & stage crew) would appear before King Neptune.  He rules the seas and spoke impressively.  The Polliwogs begged for mercy and each had to kiss the big ugly fish.  Then they paraded over to the Medical Dept. ladies who had tubs of colorful slime and a long table to use.  After each Polliwog was slimed, they all sat on the edge of the pool for judgment by the Captain and his officers.  The first group was allowed to jump into the pool water.  Some of the other slimed groups were told to sit in the hot sun.  Polliwog groups were officers, staff, and crew.  Maybe ten groups.

At the end I noticed that King Neptune was in the pool water with all of his lovelies.  Then the Captain Ane Jan Smit was in the pool water and emerged dripping wet like everyone else.  He even posed for photos with his lady.
Now ms Zaandam had Shellbacks to please King Neptune, who gave safe passage over the Equator at 5:39pm.

I had a lot of photos to sift through before my Lido lunch, which was soup, bread, milk, and coconut ice cream.
Kate Ross’s 1pm talk was about the Congo.  It has had several names through the years. Some terrible things have happened there.

I went straight to the Lido to get a seat for Arts & Crafts.  I wanted to make the African Style Head Wrap.  My fabric is bright red, black, and white, and I am glad to have it.
Not much time to write in this journal before dinner. 
My morning laundry was returned.

“Dressy” dinner at 5pm.  Everyone looked their best, and the photographer came around to the tables.  My dinner was the Bouillabaisse, Seared Duck Breast, Sherry Trifle, Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling, and decaf coffee.

Tonight soprano Maria Campos sang “timeless classics and favorite standards from Puccini to Sinatra and everything in between.”
Two chocolates and a towel animal Scorpion waited in my room.  Told Dodid how pleased I was.  He has been scrubbing the walls of the hallway.
At noon the Captain told us that there have been a few more new Covid cases.
He “strongly recommends” that we wear masks.

Quote for the day:  “Live life with no excuses.  Travel with no regret.”  Oscar Wilde

Photo Gallery, captions in narrative, photos by Barbara Cummings

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