Grand Africa, voyage – sailing the Indian ocean

Entry into the gulf of Aden, Foto by Barbara

6 November 2022  AT SEA in the Indian Ocean

Not sure how I did this, but 6 November has disappeared.  I will type it again.

Today is Sunday, and I am still full from last night’s Canaletto dinner.  My breakfast was coffee, orange juice, and coffee.  I submitted a Navigator praise for the Canaletto restaurant and for sweet Prand and Ane, who waited on me again this morning.  They admired the iPhone case photos that Jackie had given me.

Quiet time in my room with morning news lets me gather my thoughts and plan.  Usually my TV is on the quiet map and clock.

I went to the 9am Interdenominational Service.  Rev Don will lead port day services at 6pm during my dinner time.  Today is a Sea Day.  Rev Keith Hacket preached about loving each other, not necessarily liking each other.  It is good to gather together and worship God.

Kate Ross’s 10am lecture was fascinating to me.  “Africa’s Artistic Traditions”  Cave and rock art were early here, as in other parts of the world.  Wood carvings disintegrate in time. The Mapangubwe Kingdom of NE South Africa 1050 – 1270 AD made treasures of gold.  The Great Zimbabwe 11th – 15th century “Great Enclosure of Stone Walls” was a center of trade.  Ethiopia’s Axum culture 1st c – 500 AD led to the Lailibela Rock Church of the 12th c.  West African art was inspired by northern Arab cultures and was often of durable metal and ceramic materials.  The Benin Kingdom of Nigeria 15th – 19th c produced an intricate portrait of their first queen mother 16th c.  Later artwork recorded Europeans.  
Now the big question is if western museums should return art work to Africa.  The answer is complicated.  Maybe yes, but returned artwork may not be safe, because of Islamic terrorism, poor facilities, and downright corruption.  Museums do make artwork available to many people.

Earlier I had crossed paths with the ship florist with a small flatbed cart of several new bouquets.  I did compliment him, but I wish that I had taken time to take a photo.

Jeremy’s 11am Port Essentials talk on Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania was packed with useful information.  A shuttle bus to the Hyatt Regency Hotel is in they works.  The ship has no Tanzanian Shillings, so I am glad that I got some from FFS&L for the four days here (2) and in Zanzibar (2).  Also glad that I have a city tour the first day.  Lots to do on my second day.  Maybe more time in the Kariakoo Market or old Kisutu St / “Temple Road” or the Fish Market or the Azania Lutheran Church & organ or the National Museum or St Joseph’s Cathedral or the Village Museum.  There are also ferries to nearby islands, including Zanzibar.
Some people have planned safaris and trips to Victoria Falls and Lake Victoria.
Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti plains full of wildlife are in Tanzania.  I am content to explore the port city.

I had a 12 noon reservation for the Sunday Brunch, so was surprised to see the long line into the Main Dining Room.  Soon I was seated at my table for one and hungry enough to enjoy the feast.  Again, the large cold platter, the sumptuous hot sampler, and the sweet ending with coffee.

I went out on the Lower Promenade Deck to look toward Somalia.  We are sailing about 200 miles away from that coast.  I was not alone.  A ship’s officer was scanning the horizon with his binoculars.  I thanked him.
Not much time to relax in my room before turning in signed entry and departure forms for Tanzania (combined Tanjanika and Zanzibar) on my way to the World Stage.

Nico Kotze spoke at 2pm about “Zimbabwe and Zambia, Yesterday and Today.”
It is important to understand the past to see the present.
Cecil John Rhodes b 1853 had the wealth and the political power to create North Rhodesia and South Rhodesia.  They became the wildlife paradise of Zambia and the lagging behind Zimbabwe.  His dream was a railway from Cape Town to Cairo.

It was good to relax in my room for a bit.
Still full of the Sunday Brunch, but I still went to dinner.  Opened wine bottle #4, trying Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling this time.  My light dinner was the Chicken Leek Cream Soup, the Gourmet Greens, Hazelnut Mousse Torte, and decaf coffee.

No show tonight.  It is the 2 1/2 hour movie “Out of Africa,” but I would rather relax in my room enjoying family texts, photos, and emails.  I watched our home church’s “costume Sunday” church service while writing in this journal.  Our dear friend Reba Cornett has died. Robin Sweeney was working very hard on another Christmas Bazaar.  Granddaughter Taylor’s costume was as a Mom.

I finally opened my bottle of white wine from Lanzarote, Canary Islands.  The Familia Suarez “Vino de Licor Dulce” is nice.  Sweet, but very nice “Producto de Espana.”
Two milk chocolates came with my Daily Program.  Also clean Holland America bathrobes.
I am very well taken care of.

Photo Gallery, Photos by Barbara

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