Grand Africa, cruise – at sea, Indian Ocean

Well, we finally made it into the Indian ocean, heading to cross the equator on the 7th, photo by Barbara

7 November 2022  At Sea, Indian Ocean

The ship is moving more this morning.  Large gentle rolls. Big swells.
Quick muesli & granola breakfast with orange juice and coffee.  Ane is thrilled that “everyone knows” she was praised by me on the Navigator app.  And I received another nice thank you note from Ron Houtman, the Food and Beverage Manager.

Tai Chi was challenging with the ship’s motion.  I stayed seated, going through the gentle exercises.  Today the leader Mary Ann will wait till noon to take her Malaria medications. Yesterday’s made her feel sick during the class.  I am not going inland in Africa, so do not need to take that medicine.

Kate Ross’s 10am lecture “Art of Africa, The Essentials” was inspiring.  She talked about the Sculptures, Masks, Textiles, and Everyday Objects like kitchen spoons, pottery, combs, stools, and baskets.  Useful things.  
I had not realized that African art had influenced the paintings of Picasso, Modigliani, and Cezanne.  Much African art is abstract and simplified with exaggerated features.  Textiles often have a riot of colors.  I look forward to seeing their batik fabrics.

This is such a beautiful ship.  My favorite pathway from one end of the ship to the other is through the Promenade Deck 5, which passes the Explorer’s Lounge and the beautiful mural of old Dutch ships.  The label says, “The Arrival of Frederick van de Palts and his wife . . . In 1613.”
Nearby is a huge sculpture of lips, placed with the King Tut replicas.  According to its label, it is a replica of a fragment of a head of a queen, probably Tyre.
The organ is the centerpiece of ms Zaandam.  I found the official description: “A magnificent baroque-style organ inspired by the traditional barrel organs still found today on the streets of the Netherlands. . . “

My lunch was from the Lido Asia station.  I tried the Hawaiian Poke Roll Sushi with my bowl of noodles, veggies & pork, and beef curry with coffee.
The Captain’s noon announcement said that we are 240 miles off the coast of Somalia.  Some people are seeing flying fish.  Tomorrow we will cross the Equator about 4pm.

Nico Kotze grew up in the wine country of South Africa, but he does not like wine.  He loves coffee, so this afternoon his lecture was “Coffee in Africa.”  An Ethiopian shepherd noticed how his goats acted after eating coffee berries about 1000 years ago.
Coffee is still produced in Ethiopia and in other parts of Africa, but most is produced in Brazil now. 

A relaxing afternoon before dinner.  
My dining table and servers are such blessings.  We make a good family.
My dinner was the Goat Cheese, Fig, & Apple appetizer, Roast Pork Loin with caramelized apples, Chocolate Cake, the Riesling wine, and decaf coffee.
The seas calmed down, and the Indian Ocean sunset was gorgeous.

“Join singer and impressionist Robbie Howard on World Stage for an encore presentation with an evening of classic Las Vegas legends.”
Two dark chocolates +
Quote of the Day: “Never let your memories be greater than your dreams.”  Douglas Ivester.

Please refer to the Photo Gallery in the previous post

Photo by Roberto Nickson on

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