Grand Holland America cruises – Commentary

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Port Angeles WA, commentary by Jack W Cummings

As I scanned through the photographs that Barbara posted today in the family album, I was brought to tears by this picture. And that young lady from Thailand is featured here, because she is a representative of one of many things that I enjoyed during our 500 days of cruising together around the world. 

Sweet Pand from Thailand, photo by Barbara

She is the face of all those from a foreign land; the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia that have served as crew members on Holland America ships. These wonderful people work untold hours every day, usually with a smile on their face, and service in their hearts. Their contract with the company requires them to be away from their homes for months on end. These wonderful people sacrifice so that their families at home can have a decent life. I have met them at all hours of the day and night, polishing the brass, vacuuming the passageways and stairways, preparing food in the galley, setting up for breakfasts, preparing to dock, preparations for getting underway, chipping paint, painting the handrails; so many tasks must be undertaken each day to keep this marvelous cruise ship healthy and safe.

Along with my admiration for the crew also experience a love for the following:

  • The welcome on board
  • Provisions being loaded for the duration of our cruise
  • letting go all lines
  • the days at sea with beautiful clouds and sunsets
  • the movement of the ship through still or roaring waters
  • pilot boats as they approach our ship prior to entering the port
  • the port tugs that sometimes must assist us in our arrivals and departures
  • the people that we have met as passengers and have kept in touch with us all these years
  • The warm welcomes, and the tearful waves of goodbye in each port we visit
  • And sadly, those sweet moments of goodbye to new friends who have served us with awesome dedication
It’s me at my workstation, here at home, Photo by Jack

5 thoughts on “Grand Holland America cruises – Commentary

  1. Jack you are a special person along with that brave, caring Barbara. We have only cruised one time, but I will always remember early morning beakfast with you, Ruth an the other boys and Barb and her camera. Bless you both.

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