Grand Africa, voyage – into the gulf of Aden

Her position in the gulf of Aden, Photo by Barbara

5 November 2022  At Sea, Gulf of Aden

Clocks moved forward an hour last night, so now I add 7 hours to my watch.
Added some granola to my breakfast muesli this morning.  How is that for exciting?

Holland America ships are legendary for displays of artwork and antiquities.  There is a collection on deck 5 around the Future Cruise Consultant’s desks.  When I finally found the labels, I realized that these are replicas from the tomb of King Tutankamun of Egypt.  The front desk later sent me several pages of information for “The Art & Antiques of the ms Zaandam.”

I enjoyed Tai Chi for a while.
Kate Ross lectured on “East Africa Today.”  She said that history takes time to evaluate.  Foreigners have criticized non-western cultures.  She prefers to raise the level of understanding.  Some terrible things have happened in Africa, caused by divisions.  She sees hope in the educated youth of Africa.

Back in my room was a happy surprise.  Ellie the Elephant towel animal has returned.  She is my very favorite.  When I thanked Dodid, I asked how many rooms he & Roy clean each day. Twenty five.

Today the Lido presented an Indian Themed Lunch.  I had a little of everything with salads, yogurt, vamchali payasam dessert, milk, and coffee.
Kate Ross came over and asked me to join her and friends, but I declined.  The Captain’s noon talk included a warning to continue being careful for Covid, because we still have a few cases on board.

The Zaandam’s centerpiece Pipe Organ was played at 1pm.  Nice music.
At 2pm Nico Kotze talked about “Decolonization and the pre- and post- independence turmoil in Africa.”  He talked mostly about Algeria, Kenya, and Angola.  Then Botswana and Swaziland.
Restful rest of the afternoon.

My travel agent Cruise Specialists invited me to the Canaletto for dinner at 5pm.  Host Tom Mullen sat with Kelly, Janet, and me.  Our servers were Prand and Ane who often get my breakfast coffee.  I got to photograph them in their Canaletto uniforms.  Tom is the ultimate host, and we had a lovely time.  My dinner started with white Chardonnay wine, then great bread and dips, the Canaletto Salad, Veal Scallopine Ala Caprese, Tiramisu, and decaf coffee.  Spectacular meal.  Cruise Specialists needs 4 or 5 evenings to serve all 139 guests with three hosts.

“On World Stage:  Instrumentalist Paul Stephen .  .  . different instruments, takes the audience into his extraordinary and fabulous musical world.”  Alto flute primarily.  His native Poland has taken in 5,000,000 Ukrainian refugees.  He asked for money and prayers.

Two dark chocolates were waiting for me with the Daily Program in my room.
We just entered the Indian Ocean.

On every Holland America ship that we have sailed on, we have always enjoyed the replicas of art from around the world, and I don’t know whether this was why the Zaandam was chosen for this cruise, and that they had mini replicas from Egypt and the excavations of tombs , Barbara has captured as many she could, some of these replicas that are now featured in the photo gallery. JWC

One thought on “Grand Africa, voyage – into the gulf of Aden

  1. Beautiful pictures of necklaces and chest plates. Wow, HAL did nice job with them.
    Barbara your lunch looked yummy. Made me hungry.. I’m so jealous of you and your cruise.
    Stay well.

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