Grand Africa, voyage – Sailing the Red Sea

At Sea, Red Sea, between Yemen & Eritrea photo by Barbara?

3 November 2022,  At Sea, still in the Red Sea

Up at 6:45 and filled a laundry bag to send out. Hungry enough for a little muesli, coffee, and orange juice in the Lido.
I went out on the aft deck in the steamy heat to take a photo in the direction of Mecca.

At Tai Chi, a man seemed confident that setting the Apple Watch (iPhone) on Cape Town, South Africa was the solution for the correct time.  I am trying that, but see no change.
I left Tai Chi early to get a good World Stage balcony seat for Kate Ross’s 10am lecture. Success, even though the new 9am Coffee Chat With Jeremy was still happening there.

Today Kate’s subject is “East Africa Beginnings.”  She taught high school near Rochester, NY for 34 years and is still learning history.  Today she defined East Africa as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and maybe other countries.  The birthplace of humanity has drawn researchers there. The Great Rift Valley must preserve wildlife, yet let natives hunt to eat. Migrations within Africa plus trading from Arabia, Persia, India, and Portugal have resulted in a diverse culture, slave trading, and the Swahili language.  I look forward to the crafts and the fabrics.

I found more photos to add to my folder in the Photo Gallery.
Then I used the Navigator App to praise Katie as the HAL representative on my Luxor tour.
I enjoy putting my feet up on the footrest, when I can.
Then Cruise & Travel Director Jeremy phoned to thank me for praising his fiance Katie.  She is a keeper.

Lunch in the Main Dining Room was half of the Steak Sandwich special, orange sorbet, and coffee.
I went to the front desk to turn in my passport again and to sign for visas to Tanzania ($136.50) and Mozambique ($75).

The new guest lecturer Nico Kotze from South Africa spoke at 2pm about “The Population of Africa, The Impact of Poverty and Migration.”  He was more relaxed today after having only two weeks notice that he would be onboard.  (Kate has been prepared for three years, as the voyage kept being delayed.)  Africa’s problems are made worse by over population, lack of water, and the need for education, health care, jobs, and the empowerment of women.

It was good having time this afternoon to read blogs.  I even had time to pour out the water from my bouquet vase.  Now it is a dry arrangement.

My good dinner was the Frisée Lettuce, Bacon, Potato, etc plate, the Crispy Sweet & Sour Shrimp, Hot Fudge Sundae, Beringer’s White Zinfandel, and decaf coffee.

Tonight’s World Stage entertainer was Impressionist Robbie Howard’s “comedy and classic Las Vegas impressions.”  Vocal impressions of Dean Martin, Elvis, etc.  And audience participation. 

Two chocolates were waiting for me in my room along with the Daily Program.
The Cape Town, South Africa location for my Apple Watch continued to be 6 hours off plus using 24 hour military time, so I went back to the USA setting.  Still adding 6 hours to my watch.
We have eight Sea Days between Egypt and Tanzania, which is nice and relaxing.

In the following photo gallery, Barbara wants you to get a feel for what it’s like on the days at sea she always made every effort to attend as many lectures as she could, when I met her, she was a schoolteacher, and she has never stopped learning about the world around her, that’s why she loves cruising so much. JWC

Photo gallery by Barbara Cummings

At Sea, Red Sea, between Yemen & Eritrea photo by Barbara?
Captains letter on our continuing voyage, possible encounters, photo by Barbara

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