Grand Africa, voyage – leaving the Red Sea

Leaving the red sea, photo by Barbara

4 November 2022  At Sea between Yemen & Eritrea

Good morning after a really restful sleep.  The Sticky Buns in the Lido are a terrible temptation.  So this morning I enjoyed one with pineapple, orange juice, and coffee.
Kate Ross stopped by to chat.  She had received the photo I had emailed her, and she had sent it home to her husband.

Jan came and sat down with me.  We had a good talk.  This evening she will go to the Cruise Specialists dinner in the Caneletto.  My invitation is for tomorrow evening.

Returned to my room to find that yesterday’s laundry had been returned clean, on hangers, and folded.  No dryer sheet or drain concerns.  🙂

I enjoy Tai Chi, because I know that I need it.  Today I am feeling frustrated, because Jeremy’s Coffee Chat with three lady ship’s officers is at the same time.  We have to pick and choose activities.
I left Tai Chi at 9:30am and saw the last of the Coffee Chat interviewing the Hotel Management Team:  Joanna, Metka, and another.  Amazing women.

Kate Ross spoke today on “East Africa Conquest and Colonization.”  European colonization affected the whole world.  The Muslim Omani Empire controlled East Africa.  Zanzibar produced spices.  David Livingston and other missionaries tried to help and westernize the African people.  Determined explorers like Henry Stanley searched the interior.  Muslim slave trade.  Germans and British divided up Africa.  Natives fought for freedom.

Richard of Shore Excursions talked at 11am about the next three ports:  Dar Es Salaam & Zanzibar in Tanzania and Nosy Be in Madagascar.  In addition to promoting the ship’s shore excursions, he gave warnings.  Do not expect big new air-conditioned buses, formal guides, or fancy restrooms.

Each time I use the elevator closest to my room, I walk by a staircase with the port plaques on the wall.  Today I took time to look at them and photograph a few.  I did not expect to find one from Port Angeles.  And it is the prettiest one of all.

No Room Stewards around this morning.  Maybe they are getting special training for something?  Had time to put away my laundry and to munch my banana from Egypt with cold coffee for lunch.  Also have a zip loc baggie of desserts from the dinner in Egypt to munch on.  🙂

This afternoon Nico Kotze talked about the European Colonization of Africa.  The Portuguese Bartolomeo Dias and Vasco de Gama came, as did the Dutch East India Company.  Then the “Scramble for Africa” and the 1884 Berlin Conference, where European countries drew borders throughout Africa.  The Colonial powers did bring infrastructure and some good to Africa, but they also took a lot.

The Captain’s noon talk told us that when the sun set about 4:30pm, we would also pass through the narrowest waters between Yemen and Eritrea in Africa.  So I went out on the Lower Promenade Deck to take photos.  I also saw the big black circular spotlight with a few other things and several busy ship’s officers.

Dinner was glorious tonight.  I finished #3 bottle of Beringer’s White Zinfandel.  My dinner was the BBQ Chicken Spring Roll, Chilled Lychee & Kiwi, end cut Prime Rib of Beef Au Jus, the Strawberry Mousse Torte, and decaf coffee.

Tonight’s World Stage entertainer was soprano Maria Campos. “From Stage to Screen:  A celebration of your favorite Broadway songs that became Hollywood classics.  I loved the Broadway songs.  Standing Ovation.

Came back to my room to find two dark chocolates with the Daily Program and notice that clocks will move ahead one hour tonight.
Now we are sailing in the Gulf of Aden.

Photo Gallery by Barbara Cummings

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