Grand Africa, voyage – Suez canal transit

28 October 2022  Transiting the Suez Canal, by Barbara Cummings

At 6:30am the TV bow camera looked like we were already in the Suez Canal.  Back to bed for a few minutes.
When I made it up to the Lido buffet, window seats had already been taken, because today is so special.  I went out back onto the aft deck to photograph the difference between the barren east Sinai side and the west Egyptian side where it is green and populated.
Not really hungry, I tried a Strawberry Crepe for breakfast, along with my orange juice and coffee.  

Back out on the aft deck, we were nearing the Japanese built bridge that connects Africa with Asia.  Jan came up, and we talked.  Slowly we passed under the bridge.  More photo opportunities.  I took a photo of Karen photographing Diana.  Then they offered to photograph me.
The same ship is following us as our convoy progresses.
There was one city on the east shore near the bridge.  Most continues to be desert.
The Egyptian west shore is more green with fields and trees and homes and cities.  The Nile River water gives life.

Suez Canal rolls were set out for us to enjoy.  Jan took a photo of me by them.
This transit will go on all day, so I found a chair in the Explorer’s Lounge next to the dirty windows.  Almost nobody here.  Nice and peaceful.  And cool.
A quiet man sat nearby for a while.  He identified the major city Ismaila.  Chatty card players came to stay.

About 10:30am I went to refill my coffee cup in the Lido and took a few outdoor photos. The east bank is still sand.  David came up and offered to take my photo.  He and Jan are happily camped out at a table in the heat and pesky flies, but in the shade.
I returned to my cool nest by windows.

Parts of the Suez Canal are like watching paint dry.  About 11:30 I went and got the iPad from my room.  This is a good time to enjoy blogs.
My Suez Canal Roll was my lunch.  The filling might have been apricot?

I am so glad that I photocopied the Suez Canal map and information that Holland America gave us several years ago on ms Rotterdam sailing from Singapore to Rotterdam.  Today they gave us nothing on paper.  Jeremy did give narration over the speakers for an hour or so, but more would have been appreciated.

I sent praises on the HAL Navigator app to praise my Room Stewards, the breakfast girls in the Lido, and the great lecturer Kate Ross.
Across Africa Tours Megan emailed that my Durban Game Reserve Tour had been shortened and the price lowered to $178.
About 3pm we left the Suez Canal and entered the Red Sea.
Back in my room, more information had been delivered about tomorrow’s port.

Good dinner conversation tonight.  First, I learned that Jeremy did continue his Suez Canal narration occasionally throughout the transit.  I had moved to where there were no speakers.
Also, ms Zaandam led today’s convoy through the Suez Canal.
And HAL paid $359,000 for the transit.

My dinner was the Spiced Coconut Crusted Meatballs, Filet of Beef Wellington, and the Pear Strudel.  My #3 bottle of Beringer’s White Zinfandel was opened, and decaf coffee completed my meal.

Tonight’s entertainer was the pianist Naomi, presenting “American music:  musicals, ragtime, boogie-woogie . . . and all that jazz!”  Superb!  And she taught us that the banjo was named for Banjul in The Gambia.
Phone messages and family emails & texts warmed my heart.

Note: most of the images am I am posting today of the Suez canal transit, and what causes a feeding frenzy on board, especially in the Lido, in her last post, Barbara mentioned a photograph of me sitting on the throne decades ago. (Circa 1966)

Photo gallery, bye, Barbara Cummings

Next: a day at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt – Barbara’s second visit. Oh yes the two last images are Cruise and Travel Director, Jeremy Hales, and Pianist Naomi, Barbara pointed that the grand is bolted to the stage floor.

One thought on “Grand Africa, voyage – Suez canal transit

  1. Wow, Jack you were so young in that photo. Time flies. What a traffic jam getting into the Suez Canal. Look at the money that cut off makes daily. Barbara your food pictures have me
    drooling each evening. You look very fit in your pictures. Good for you.
    Keep having a wonderful time, stay safe and healthy.

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