Grand Africa, voyage – At sea in the Mediterranean

27 October 2022,  At Sea in the Mediterranean Sea

An extra hour’s sleep was appreciated, even though I was up late last night.  Still full from last night’s dinner, so ate just a little muesli and fruit with orange juice and coffee for breakfast.

Tai Chi was good, but instructor Mary Ann surprised me.  Yesterday she and her retired Army husband visited our Souda Bay Navy Base.  Their daughter had been stationed there in Medical and had encouraged them to “just walk up the hill” and see where she had worked.  They took a taxi and not only went on base, but enjoyed the Exchange and Medical.  They had sent postcards home from the base. 

Today I celebrate the arrival of lecturer Kate Ross to the ship.  We delighted in her joyful knowledge in 2012 on the Grand Mediterranean Voyage.
Today at 10am Kate Ross presented “A Nile River Cruise of Ancient Egyptian Monuments.” (Copyrighted material, no photos please.)   😦
Kate took us down the Nile River, visiting the Pyramids of Giza, El Amarna the city of King Akhenaton, the Valley of the Kings, and Abu Simbel of Ramsess II.

Jeremy talked at 11am about two ports.  First, Aqaba, Jordan will have a port shuttle which I plan to use on day one.  And he promoted the Shoubak Castle, which I plan to tour on day two.    The second port was Safaga for Luxor, which used to be called Thebes.  Basically, the East Bank of the Nile is for the living, and the West Bank is for the dead.

Captain Smit’s noon announcement told us that he will get in line this evening for tomorrow’s Suez Canal transit, which might be 6am to 6pm. 
My Lido lunch was sweet potato & bean soup with a glass of milk.  Not very hungry.
Back to my room to rest a bit, journal, and label yesterday’s photos.

Kate Ross lectured again at 2pm.  The “Treasures of Tutankhamen” was fascinating.  She detailed the 1915 discovery of his tomb and the “wonderful things” that were found.

Even though tonight is Greek Taverna night in the Lido (even texted the menu to family), I ate 5pm dinner in the Main Dining Room with my table mates.  Had to compare notes about yesterday in Crete.
Bill & Charlotte took the 8 1/2 hour tour to Knossos near Heraklion.  They found the throne that Jack had sat on in 1966.  They were told that it was a queen’s throne.  That culture was matriarchal, and the throne is small.
David & Jan toured seven villages and a Rakki brewery.  It is the national drink of Crete. Mainland Greece drinks Ouzo.
My dinner was Baked Phyllo Parcels (Spanikopita) with extra Tzazikih, the Greek Garlic Lemon Chicken, AND I asked them to bring me Baklava ++ from the Lido for dessert.  Beringer’s White Zinfandel and decaf coffee completed my dinner.

Tonight’s entertainer was vocalist Magali Dayan presenting “the magic and the charm of Paris and Broadway.”  

My plan was to go to the Lido Greek Taverna night and munch some more, but I was stuffed.  Took lots of photos to share with family.  It was near the end of service, so some things were low, and no Baklava was left.  Only one sweet Greek dessert was left.

Two dark chocolates greeted me back to my room.
At 10:30pm I think I am hearing the anchor being lowered for the night of waiting to enter the Suez Canal in the morning.

 Lido Market




Dolmas, tabbouleh, salumi plates, harissa and yoghurt chicken salad, grilled vegetable, grilled eggplant and tzatziki,

smoked fish lemon aioli

wild harvest station:


whole and sliced fruits

shawarma bar: lamb shawarma, chicken shawarma,

pork shawarma

SELECTION TOPPINGS: shredded iceberg lettuce, julienne tomato, sliced bell peppers, sliced onions, sliced cucumber, shredded cabbage marinated, sour cream, chopped tomato, chopped onions, chopped cilantro, chopped parsley, fresh mint leaves, lemon wedges, lemon juices, olive oil, balsamic glaze, garlic sauce, chili sauce, hummus, babaganoush, tzatziki

selection of breads: pita breads small and large, flat bread, flour wraps and focaccia

MEZZE CORNER: roasted peppers (biber), marinated olives, marinated mushroom, roasted eggplants, grilled marinated zucchini, tarmasalat, marinated feta cheese, clambs & mussels, shrimps, octopus, greek salad, dolmas, romesco, pickled vegetables, sundried tomatoes, shrimp with romesco

distant lands italian

lamb moussaka, pastitsio greek style baked pasta,



selection of greek style breads, garlic orageno lamb shoulder lemon and chili yoghurt on rosemary roll, lemon yogurt paprika roasted chicken, tahini pita tomato and feta


avgolemono chicken soup with rice, lamb kofta, lemon oregano chicken, roasted vegetable

loukaniko: traditional greek sausage tomato and herbs orange, onions, porchetta, garlic shrimps,

lemon garlic olive oil, fried sardines/tuna in white wine tomato and olives (fresh fish), baked stuffed peppers with haloumi, saganaki (breaded feta)



French fries, sauteed spinach, twice baked potato mixed olive and feta, roasted cumin scented baby carrots, red onion and string beans, savory rice

accompaniments: lemon wedges, tapenade, herb aioli, romesco, chives, remoulade, tahini, tzatziki


chocolate raspberry tart tres leches crème caramel passion fruit mousse torte baklava, katafi, halva lokumi (greek turkish delight) assorted cheese and crackers

 Africa Lido Dinner 2022 R Class

tonight’s Lido menu

Photo Gallery, photos by Barbara

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