Grand Africa voyage – At Sea

25 October 2022  At Sea in the Mediterranean Sea, by  Barbara Cummings

Good morning.  Clocks moved ahead another hour last night, so now I add six hours to my Apple Watch display.  It does have the minutes right, and it reminds me about 5pm dinner, Holland America and Cruise Specialists tours, etc.

I was disappointed to see that last night’s email still had not gone out.  Managed to fix that. 
I now have a routine, but the internet service has surprises.  My limited tech skills do not help that.

Breakfast was muesli and fruit with orange juice and coffee.  I have a favorite single table area by windows.  Pand from Thailand and Ane get my coffee and spoil me.
Cruise Specialists has delivered a questionnaire about yesterday’s shore excursion.  They have high standards.
When I left for Tai Chi, Dodid thanked me for the candy last night.

Mary Ann Browning teaches Tai Chi differently than Dr. Kam did on other cruise ships.  But she emphasizes safety and health, and this class keeps my body moving.

Went down to the 10am Cruise Specialists desk time and handed my completed questionnaire to Susie and Keith.  Susie told me that my two spices from yesterday are ROS HASSOUT, a blend of 20 spices, and KASSAM, a spicy blend that includes Saffron.

Went to the Photo Gallery and moved more photos from the display to my folder.
I found a good seat in the World Stage balcony and had time to journal.
Cruise & Travel Director Jeremy Hales presented his Port Essentials for Sharm El Shiek, Egypt at 11am.  It sounds like this might be a port where the Taxis prevent a port shuttle. Jack and I used taxis to and from the Old Market area a few years ago.  I am glad to have a good tour there this time.
Went to the 75% off Invicta sale by the Lido pool.  It was UP TO 75% off their watches.

Hungry for an Asian lunch in the Lido, I enjoyed the noodles, stir fry vegetables, curry chicken, and sweet & sour pork.  The Mud Pie looked good, but I was not that hungry.
Back in my room, I labeled the spices, unwrapped the wine bottle from Lanzarote, Canary Islands, filed away papers, and will hem my Black & Gold dress to shorten it.

Since I had to walk from one end of the ship to the other to turn in my passport, I walked on the outside Lower Promenade deck this time.  Fast power walkers were out circling the ship.  The traffic was not too thick.

I brought “show and tell” to dinner tonight, since we will visit Souda, Crete, Greece tomorrow.  Everyone got to see the 1966 photo of Jack at Knossos, sitting on a throne.  I also showed everyone my old Greek ID card.

My dinner was the Seafood Spring Roll, the Smoky Flat Iron beef, and the Rhubarb Strawberry Mousse Torte with wine and decaf coffee.
Jan and David are friends of Timmie, with whom I sat on yesterday’s bus.  Small world. 
Tried to break large Euro bills into smaller at the Front Desk, but they were all out until tomorrow.

Tonight’s show is a return of the comedy duo “Ole”.   “Go loco once more with the comedic and musical talents of El Gypsy and El Grotesco.”  Great again.
Came back to my room to find tomorrow’s Daily Program, two dark chocolates, and notice that clocks will again get set forward one hour tonight.

Photo Gallery, photos by Barbara Cummings

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