Grand Africa voyage – sailing the Mediterranean Sea, Sunday narrative

23 October 2022  At Sea in the Mediterranean Sea

It is Sunday morning, and I am celebrating that the Interdenominational Service has been moved to 9:30am.
Up at 6:45am and well rested.  BBC news about China, Ukraine, and England are sad. Wildfires in Washington State, but rain has started.
Breakfast in the Lido was muesli with berry slurry, orange juice, and coffee.
Returned to my room for a bit.

Leaving, I had the opportunity to photograph Dodid and Roy with their supervisor Gulu.  Dodid asked if I was headed for breakfast.  I told him that I had already eaten and was headed to 9am Tai Chi and the 9:30am church service.  He said, “Please pray for me.”
If Dodid is from Indonesia, he is probably Muslim or Hindu.
It was a good few minutes in Tai Chi.

The Interdenominational Service was led by two retired minister passengers, since the HAL minister canceled at the last minute.  The Rev. Keith Hacket is a retired Methodist minister from Stevenson, WA.  He encouraged us to ask for more like a keyboard and Bible study time and a better Sunday port day time.  His good sermon was about welcoming children to church services.  The Rev. Don ____ is a retired Navy Chaplain, Disciples of Christ from Colorado.  He is more gentle and thankful that this week’s service is at a better time and in a larger room.  (and we do have a microphone)

Found a good seat in the World Stage balcony and had time to write in this Journal.  Kathy sitting next to me remembers me from our cruise around Australia on ms Maasdam.
Jeremy presented his Port Essentials for Souda, Crete, Greece at 11am. It is one of the deepest ports in the Mediterranean, and is a NATO presence.  He detailed the many places to visit in and around nearby Chania. His Fiancé Katie will arrive and join the ship in Souda.
I photographed the lovely Orchid plant in the ladies’ rest room.

From a cruise we were on in 2018

The Sunday Brunch was a feast.  To simplify things this week, we were served platefuls of samples of everything, rather than making choices.  Banana Smoothie and Coffee served.  First plate:  fresh fruit with granola parfait, Norwegian Smoked Salmon on Brioche, Deviled Egg, Prosciutto on Baguette, Beecher’s and Brie Cheese with Fig Jam.
Second plate:  vegetable frittata, Sautéed Shrimp, Mini Beef Wellington, tiny Pancake Stack.
Third plate: Crème Caramel, Pecan Pie, Baked Apple Strudel.  AND a tiny croissant was passed around.  I won’t have to eat for a week.

Saw Diana Lopez, who told me that she had posted some of my photos on Cruise Critic, and she had credited me.  She is always so happy.
Photographed the ms Zaandam centerpiece organ, thinking there would be a 1pm concert.  Wrong, not today.

Back to my room to relax.  Tomorrow’s shore pass had been delivered with clear instructions to bring it with passport, room key card, and Covid-19 Vaccine card into Tunisia tomorrow.

I felt inspired to try again to decorate the walls.  When I first tried to display the Africa map, Scotch tape would not stick to the wall, so I resorted to the two magnets that were given to me to display the Arts & Crafts schedule.  Really discouraged.
Today I succeeded in posting family photos by the mirror, which doubles the joy.  Again, today’s World Map would not stay up with Scotch tape.

When I went to get my repaired Tiger Eye Necklace from Nancy Grace, I asked to buy two more magnets.  She gave them to me.  The necklace’s crimp bead should have had the “string” go back through it a second time to be able to hold.  I did send a loud praise for her on the HAL Navigator App feedback “Let us know.”

Interesting side note. The Navigator App had to be downloaded before boarding or ?
People cannot download it onboard.  Thank you Jack and Chris.  Susan who sat next to me on the van had it on her iPhone, but still had not managed to get the Navigator onto their iPad.

I was still full of the fabulous brunch, but went and ate a very light dinner:  the pickled red beet with goat cheese appetizer, Caesar Salad with Anchovies, strawberry sorbet, wine, and decaf coffee.

Tonight’s entertainer in the World Stage theater was pianist “Naomi Edemariam, whose performances have taken her all over the world, gracing stages large and small.” She was superb, playing classical romantic pieces with a large screen of French Expressionist paintings, etc. behind her and the grand piano.

Waiting in my room tonight was one dark chocolate with tomorrow’s Daily Program.
It is so nice to have the maps and family photos up in my room.

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