Grand African voyage – Mediterranean Transit

22 October 2022  At Sea through Strait of Gibraltar to Mediterranean Sea, by Barbara Cummings

Screenshot of the Med transit
Screen shot of Marine Traffic just after Midnight on10/23/22

Note: Every time I look at the above site, I am amazed at the amount of ship traffic in the vicinity of the Zaandam, especially the Med. JWC

I slept in until 7am.  Still cannot text or email Jack on the iPad.  Cannot connect the iPhone to the internet.
Good breakfast in the Lido – Egg Benedict, fruit, sausage, orange juice, coffee.
Today I celebrate two weeks of travel with a clean new KF94 black face mask.

Went to the Front Desk where Karzi found that the wi-fi had somehow been turned off on my iPhone.  Now I have four family emails to enjoy.  She also looked at the receipt for my bottle of wine from Lanzarote and will have it sent to my room.
Met Dodid, my new Room Steward along with happy Roy.
Enjoyed Tai Chi, sitting today.  Left early to get a good World Stage seat for the 10am Shore Excursions talk.
Shore Excursions Manager Richard promoted the HAL ship excursions for the next four ports:  La Goulette, Tunisia;  Souda, Crete;  Sharm el Shiek, Egypt, and Aquaba, Jordan. 

At 11am Jeremy presented his detailed “Port Essentials” for La Goulette, Tunisia.  We will be there in two days.  Unfortunately the great Bardo Museum has been closed for 18 months, but we did see it a few years ago.  I will enjoy a Cruise Specialists tour.

Stopped by the Cruise Specialists Chat Time to meet our new hosts, Susie & Keith Borland, who boarded the ship in Funchal.  They had been on another cruise and will now team up with Tom Mullen.  I enjoyed coffee.

Ate a light lunch in the Main Dining Room.  Fried Calamari and Roasted Cauliflower were just right.
I look forward to a lazy afternoon in my room, sending out the email based on last night’s journal entry.

When I was ready for a walk, I went to the Photo Gallery and took down all the photos of me and had the manager put them into my folder.  Tried to show him how my camera likes to misbehave, but it acted good again.

Took my falling apart Tiger Eye Necklace to the Arts & Crafts instructor at the end of today’s class.  Nancy Grace preferred to take it to fix herself, rather than try to show me while teaching today’s huge group.

Last Sunday’s Brunch was such a mob, that reservations are now required.  I phoned and took 12 noon, because 10am and 11am are sure to conflict with something tomorrow.
This evening is “Dressy,” so I will change into appropriate clothes.
Chris phoned to clarify Bluetooth (keep) and low power mode settings for my iPhone.  It was good seeing his whole family.

Lots to talk about at 5pm dinner.  Yesterday’s $249 HAL tour was not perfect, but they ate at our same restaurant. They also had a popular belly dancer.
Heard that one $110 Across Africa Tours van broke down with lots of unhappy people.  Many tours did not have enough time in Marrakesh yesterday, so rushed through the Souk.  Many hot & tired people.
David & Jan took the shuttle to downtown Casablanca and explored.  Lunch at the legendary Rick’s Cafe (movie “Casablanca”?) was their treat.
Ship’s photographer took photos.

Jan could not decide which appetizer to order, so we all decided to order two appetizers.  I enjoyed the Escargot Bourguignon, Pineapple Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Filet Mignon, and Crème Brûlée.  Beringer’s White Zinfandel and decaf coffee completed my dinner. 

The Cellar Master came up to me to talk about my bottle of wine from Lanzarote.  I was to understand that if I were to drink that wine in a bar or dining room, I would be charged the $20 corkage fee.  I promised to keep the bottle in my room, and he promised to deliver my wine.
Went straight to the World Stage to get a good seat and to write in this journal.  Tonight’s show is “Ole” Musical Comedy, a Spanish and a Moroccan-American comedy duo.  Great !

Returning to my room, I greeted Dodid. Then I asked Roy if he had told him how to do everything?  “Oh, no!  He tells me what to do, because he has so much more experience!”
Inside my room, my bottle of wine had finally been delivered.  And tonight I have a new larger Ellie the Elephant, along with two more chocolates.
Good night, all.

One thought on “Grand African voyage – Mediterranean Transit

  1. Be sure to visit the “Treasury” when you do the Aqaba tour. The walk is long,
    but they have carts. And you can make like Richard Gere and ride a horse out.
    I was able to walk then but did ride up and met Ray in the bar, naturally.

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