Grand Africa voyage – At Sea

October 17th 2020, by Barbara Cummings

Good morning, world.

I finally delivered the Thumb Drive to Diana Lopez’s mail box.  Had tried to check the Meet & Greet photos, but could not figure out how to access the thumb drive on my iPad.  So much to learn.
I am still full from last night’s big dinner.  This morning I enjoyed coffee and orange juice up in the Lido buffet, while watching the Atlantic Ocean and the brightening sky.

Today is our last sea day before Funchal, Madeira tomorrow.  I need to get port research papers ready, get some Euros out of my stash, and prepare the bag that I take ashore.
But first Tai Chi.  It is good for me.
Then I visited the front Desk to break two 50 Euro bills into smaller 5’s, 10’s, and 20’s.  Duarte also showed me how to submit praises and opinions / feedback on the Navigator on my iPhone.

Spent just a little time in my room before camping out in a good World Stage balcony seat.  Good time to journal.
Jeremy planned to present his Port Essentials for Casablanca at 11am.  Unfortunately his computer crashed, and he is dead in the water.  Hopefully the IT Officer can work magic and allow him to start this talk a little late.  Good news is that all of the port shuttles are complimentary on a grand Voyage.  No presentation yet, no point staying.

Tom Mullin

Joined Tom Mullen’s Cruise Specialists Chat Time in the Explorer’s Lounge.  Took a photo of him for Jack’s blog.  I took videos of them Captain’s talk about the undecided Covid status and about our location, showing the outside seas.  Talked with Tom and learned that our group has 147 guests.  Enjoyed coffee.

I ate lunch in the Main Dining Room at the “Singles & Solo Travelers” huge table.  Met Barbara from College Park, MD.  Another fascinating person.  No, she does not know our nephew Gary Coleman.  My lunch was the Tomato Bisque, half a Club Sandwich, and ice cream.
Time to pick up my passport in the Atrium, Deck 3.  Returned the completed receipt.

This afternoon I can enjoy getting ready for tomorrow.  I used the feedback feature on the Naigator to praise more crew, give thanks for the OJ and strawberries, and to ask for a better time for the Sunday services.

The Captain announced on the speakers later that they will step down the mask protocol.  Masks are no longer required, so we will be like the rest of the fleet.  Masks are still recommended in tenders, buses, ashore, and when distancing is not possible.  I still feel safer wearing my mask.

At dinner both Dining Stewards Yoga and Suda thanked me for posting good comments about them.  Everyone was in good spirits.  My dinner was Beef Tatake, Grilled Miso Glazed Salmon, and Tres Leches Crème Caramel with Beringer’s White Zinfandel and decaf coffee.

Singers andDancers

Tonight’s show was the Zaandam Singers & Dancers on World Stage “Ever After”.  Journey into the musical world of Ever After with Alice In wonderland, white rabbit, + + +   Enjoyable with brilliant blue and fiery forest backgrounds.

Back in the room were waiting the Room Service menu, Daily Program for tomorrow, Travel Advisory (buy no Ivory, etc), Funchal Port guide, two dark chocolates, and notice that clocks would move ahead yet another hour.  That makes five hours ahead of Ft. Lauderdale.  Everyone is looking forward to tomorrow.

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