Grand Africa voyage – at sea

16 October at Sea in the Atlantic Ocean, by Barbara

Ellie the Elephant.

Today is Sunday.  My heart is still celebrating my new towel animal, Ellie the Elephant.  She had been quietly sitting on the back of my long sofa.
Jack tells me that the 112 photos in my family Shared Album have not been received.  That is disappointing.

I enjoyed breakfast in the Lido.  Photographed the Sunday elevator door mat, Lido hand washers, and eventually the sunrise.  Clocks moved ahead another hour last night, meaning that I add 4 hours to my unchanging Apple Watch.
Lovely Pand welcomed me to a solo seat and got coffee to add to my OJ and oatmeal muesli topped with berry slurry.

Today’s Interdenominational Service is scheduled for 6pm in the middle of my dinner.  Big disappointment.  Back in my room I tried to make my own Sunday by watching pieces of an old online church service from home.  I especially enjoyed Stacie’s singing and Stan Myers.  My technology skills are so inadequate, but I keep trying.  By the time that the sermon started that I had already heard, it was time for 9am Tai Chi.

After that I asked KC at the Front Desk to help me.  I had switched my internet from the iPad to the iPhone where the family Shared Album shows photos.  She tried to show me how to send the photos ten at a time, but the internet is down.
Then I told her about not being able to access Jack’s blog, showed her, and his blog appeared !  Only the 10/14, but this is progress.
My plan to send the photos while camped out in my good World Stage seat but found the internet still down.  So I can update this journal.

I have to balance enjoying this voyage and struggling with the internet.  Not only is the internet changeable, but my skills are so limited.  I do enjoy hearing from everyone.  Even had a phone message from my sister Joan.

Jeremy Hales presented the Port essentials for Agadir, Morocco at 11am.  (Just felt a huge bump.  Hope the ship did not hit a whale.)  Good information.  Berber  means barbarian.  The locals prefer to call themselves Amezigh.
Good news that we will have complimentary shuttle buses in the first four ports.

Afterwards I went to the Main Dining Room for the legendary Sunday Brunch.  Whitecaps outside and cautious walking inside.  A mob of over 400 descended onto the MDR, and I ended up sitting at a table with two other couples, one from Northern Virginia and a retired Marine couple from Indianapolis.  She was the first Marine lady 3 star (General?).  He was almost 87 and made sure that we knew how special his wife was.  My Sunday Brunch was the Charcuterie Board, Ham & Asparagus Eggs Benedict, Baked Apple-Cinnamon Crisp, and coffee.  Great people to dine with.  Unfortunately, sitting behind me was the first obnoxious loudmouth of this Voyage.

Back in the room, I train again to send part of the family Shared Album.   😦  Decided to go camp out in a Lido seat for the popular 3pm Arts & Crafts class.  
The lady sitting across from me knew how to send Shared Albums!!!  She showed me how and recommended sending only 5 at a time.  🙂  Will do this later.

Worked hard on my Tiger Eye Necklace (& Earrings) without my reading glasses.  Did not get the earrings finished yet.  Instructor Nancy explained that from now on the first 126 people in seats can enjoy the class.  Period.  Come early at least 45 minutes to get in.  I have a list of the projects and will only come to the ones I really like.  Later back in the room I realized that the necklace had fallen apart.  Must have done the crimp bead wrong?  I must fix this.

Afterwards I hauled my bag full of iPad, thumb drive, connector, etc to the Photo Shop.  Manager Ian introduced younger Roy who understood computers better.  Both were impressed with the connector thingy that Chris got for me.  Roy tagged my Meet & Greet photos with red, then copied them onto the thumb drive.  Magic!  Then I showed him three photos on my iPhone, and he air dropped them onto the thumb drive.  Success!  I gave Roy a masked hug and kiss.
Now to find Diana Lopez and give her the M&G photos from the gathering she had worked so hard on to organize.  

Had to rush to dinner, hauling my bag, camera bag, and camera.  Just this once.
Warm conversations with Dave & Jan, Bill & Charlotte.  Sunday today, so we talked about churches and Jewish friends.  They are all Catholic.  But David & Jan’s son has become a Baptist minister.
Nice to be served a little wine.  My dinner was a Caesar Salad, German Pork Schnitzel, Dulce de Lethe Cheesecake, and decaf coffee.

Even early, it is hard to get a front row balcony seat for the 7pm show.  One late lady has learned to look for me, because the seat next to me is always empty.  George Casey entertained us with his Irish comedy again.  Enjoyable show.

Tried to send some family Group Album photos, but a window said that I needed to enable iMessage.  Jack emailed that he has received 34 photos in the Shared Album.  Confusing.  Lisa & Andy shared lovely photos from their Caribbean Cruise.  Now Jack has received 129 photos.  God is good.  Have all family members received the photos?
Joni and Ana sent nice responses to my emails.  Communication is good.

Tonight another two chocolates came with tomorrow’s Daily Program.
Today I heard that the medical evacuee back to Ft. Lauderdale on 10/10 had gallstones.
Thanks to Jack for letting me know that my 88-yr-old cousin Curt & Donna Alexander have moved to Eugene, OR to be near son Ron & Valerie.
Another full Sea Day.

3 thoughts on “Grand Africa voyage – at sea

  1. Barb, thank you for your interesting and detailed daily stories. Look forward to reading them, as does your family’. Love your way with words and those not so favorable around you. I hate internet on ships it is so temperamental, but we just plug away as it is our way of life now. Until tomorrow,,,,

  2. Go Barbara. Sorry about your necklace. You’ll get the hang of it.
    You are so organized, getting to classes, and meetings, taking
    pictures and sending them.
    Keep up the good work and enjoy yourself

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