Grand Africa voyage

15 October 2022  At Sea in the Atlantic Ocean

Good night’s sleep.  Ship gently sways across the vast Atlantic Ocean.  TV news choices are BBC, MSNBC, and Fox.  Apple Watch and iPhone require overnight charging.   iPad can charge during breakfast.
Egg Benedict is such a treat with one sausage, a little watermelon, OJ, and coffee in the Lido buffet. 

Good Tai Chi at 9 in the Crow’s Nest.  We can sit or stand holding onto something, or stand alone.  Today I stood alone the whole time, near the back of a chair to hold onto.  Instead of doing the foot moves, my feet stay planted to manage the gentle motion of the ship.  Everyone stays safe and chooses their extent of activity.

Returned to my room to find a big orange umbrella inside the door, plus Bo had made my bed, straightened up the room, and left a card on the bed.  Today is “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”  Saint Augustine.
I finished and sent the 10/12 email, while sitting in front of my “window.”  The ship’s bow web camera shows the ocean view on the TV with soft music.  On the other hand, I tried to read Jack’s blog on my iPad and was told it was blocked because my top internet package needs to be upgraded.  Not waging that war right now.
Crew safety drills this morning.

Travel Agent Cruise Specialists had a party at 11:30am.  Host Tom Mullen welcomed us to the Crow’s Nest.  First I sat with a lady who needed a listener.  Then I spotted two of my dinner table mates and moved.  Ordered a Singapore Sling.  It was not pink, but it tasted good.  Tom welcomed us and passed out gift bags and Safari hats.  The other two hosts do not board the ship until Funchal.  Tom photographed our group, and I asked him to use my iPhone for a photo.

Not hungry for lunch.  I picked up my Covid shot card and Yellow Fever card from the Front Desk.  (They had photocopied them.)  
Then found that yesterday’s laundry had been returned to my room.  Puttered a while, before going to the Lido buffet to camp out in a good seat for the Arts & Crafts class.  After sitting, I learned that they had moved the class to the other side of the Lido.  Found a good seat anyway.  Shared my borrowed tools with a lady who had none.  Over a hundred of us made African Bone Bead Earrings.

Heard that Mary Anne Moore “Mam Sam” leading our Cruise Critic Roll Call tested positive yesterday for Covid and is in isolation.  Poor lady.  Maybe 15 positive on the ship, including the Sequim lady that I sat across from on 19/12.  We are still supposed to wear masks.

Our dinner table is becoming like family.  Nearby is a single lady eating alone.  She does not look happy.  I am so glad to have our group.  My dinner was Split Pea & Ham Soup, Petit Beef Tender, Hot Fudge Sundae, Beringer’s White Zinfandel, and decaf coffee. 
Tonight’s entertainment is BBC’s Seven Worlds in One Planet in Concert.  Beautiful photography & music, but I kept falling asleep.
Afterwards asked Photo Manager Ian to help download photos to thumb drive for Diana.
He tried, but said I should come back tomorrow when his younger computer expert would be available.

Back in the room I had a Daily Program, 2 dark chocolates, and notice that clocks move ahead another hour tonight.
Ellie the Elephant has replaced the puppy towel animal !

One thought on “Grand Africa voyage

  1. Unlike some, I love days at sea, think they are enjoyable, it’s all in what you like. Love your daily blogs Barb, keep wearing your mask. Can’t wait for more pictures.

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