Grand Africa Cruise – Photos

Sunday October 16 2022, by Jack Cummiings, wit photos by Barbara

Barbara in her formal dress

Cruising by her self has been a pretty steep learning curve for Barbara, especially in the area of using the Internet and posting pictures. Thanks to her son and a fabulous crew of the Zaandam she is doing great, that is why I wanted to post some of the pictures that she’s finally been able to get uploaded to our home shared folder and these pictures just illustrate what is so great about cruising, the elegance, the people, the relationships, and the overall experience of being out at sea – so enjoy the following pictures.

I know it may seem strange that I am not cruising with Barbara but I feel that my cruising days are over, as I just don’t feel comfortable with the traveling and cruising folks and I am very happy just to stay at home and add what I can to this cruise by publishing Barbara’s writings and pictures. I am still in relatively good health and I got family and friends to take care of me while she’s on her adventure and I want her to enjoy it to the fullest. Thank you

The Main Stage first Show
At Sea — Atlantic Ocean
Pillow Gifts

Elegant Wine Tasting
Grand Voyage Gift Bag
Grand Voyage Safari Hat
Elevator Day of the week Mat
Welcomed to your new home gifts

Now that the voyage approaches its first port of call, the real photographic journey begins. Thanks again for your kind words of appreciation and encouragement – Jack

3 thoughts on “Grand Africa Cruise – Photos

  1. Thanks, Jack. You’ve answered some of my questions. Love seeing Barbara enjoying this cruise. Good for you both. I’m not anxious to cruise at this time, but I might be ready to go to Alaska next spring/summer. Love to you both.

    Nancy (and Fred) Wagner, your tablemates on our Travewithalan cruise to Svalbard and almost the North Pole a few years ago. (I have hearing aids now and am able to socialize better at dinner.) ________________________________

  2. Thanks Jack for your information. I do enjoy hearing about Barbara’s cruise and all the other ones you and Barbara have taken.

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