Grand Africa Voyage 2022

Screen Shot of Sea Scanner 15 Oct 2022

14 October 2022 At Sea in the Atlantic Ocean, by Barbara Cummings

The 6:45am wake up call worked perfectly.  Can watch 7am BBC news.  Now our clocks have moved three hours ahead.  Funchal will be five hours ahead.
Set out a a bag of laundry.

Lovely Prand in the Lido got my coffee, orange juice, and a napkin without silverware (not needed).  I ate the oatmeal muesli and fruit.
Photographed the sunrise from the aft deck.

Took my iPhone to the front desk.  KC refreshed the internet connection, so that I could send the “8/10 Continued” email.  Part of my problems is their one device at a time rule.  Cannot use both iPhone and iPad at the same time on the internet.

Tai Chi starts at 9am today.  Good time.
Returned to find a small jug of fresh squeezed orange juice in the room.  My note to Hotel General Manager Florin Dragomir had mentioned wanting that in addition to praising certain crew.  We used to have fresh OJ in the Lido, but that ended several years ago.  Only certain privileged places get it now.  This morning I feel privileged.  Thank you, Florin.

Room Steward Bo handed me a Covid-19 test.  Everyone tests themself today.  I am negative!  🙂

Jeremy Hale presented Port Essentials for Arrecife, Canary Islands at 11am.  It is more important to explore away from the port city here than in Funchal, where FLORIN DRAGOMIR HAS ARRANGED A SHUTTLE !  That is wonderful.
The HAL tour that I booked in Arrecife should be perfect.

Stood in a short line at the Front Desk to see Nard, who helped me send the 8/11 email on the iPad.  He assured me that the Group Album photos have been sent out successfully.  He showed me how to use the Navigotor App to sign on and off to use one device at a time.
I am not hungry for lunch, so will take a nap.  During my nap, Bo delivered the footstool that I had asked for.  Almost as good as relaxing in my recliner at home.

Later I went to the Photo shop and had them put my formal night photos in a folder, since there will be lots of photos during the 71 days.  Photo packages are outrageously expensive, so I bought the bottom $99 for five photos, which could be refunded.

Good complimentary 2pm wine tasting with Cellar Master Rod. Sensible information and cheese, fruit, & a thin slice of bread with the four wines:  Great Wines of the Pacific Northwest.  Chateau Ste. Michelle Savignon Blanc, Chateau Ste. Michelle Chardonnay, Chateau Smith Cabernet Sauvignon, and Boom Boom Syrah.  He announced that White Zinfandel, etc. were teenagers’ wines. All four samples were dry, so not my taste.
Afterwards I thanked him for calling me a teenager.  I asked about the possibility of two German wines in my package, but one is not aboard and the other is very expensive.  I could enjoy the Riesling along with my Beringer’s White Zinfandel.  Think that he said it was the most popular.  🙂   It tastes good.

So nice to sit in the room with my feet up on the footrest, while I journal.  My “window” is the bow camera on the TV with soft music.

Nice dinner tonight.  Everyone else enjoyed their red wine, while I had my Beringer’s White Zinfandel.  My dinner was French Onion Soup, Caribbean Lamb Curry, and Strawberry Pavlova followed by decaf coffee.  I brought my platter of chocolate covered strawberries to share.  Two were leftover for Dining Stewards Yoga and Suda.

Cellist Marius entertained us on the World Stage with his Electric Cello.  Superb!
Daily Program delivered on my bed with two chocolates tonight.
Heard that only ten tested positive for Covid-19 today.

2 thoughts on “Grand Africa Voyage 2022

  1. Barbara, love reading your detailed log. I wish they would make the internet easier to use and cheaper,I am only a four star. Stay well and keep that mask handy. Waiting for your pictures to start.

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