Zaandam at Sea – Day 3

October 12, 2022

The telephone wake up worked at 7:00 am, but it was was actually 8am since the clocks moved ahead an hour last night.  The soft smaller new pillow helped with a good night’s sleep.  Sent out my first bag of laundry.  Free, since I am a 5-star Mariner.
I went to the Lido and enjoyed one Egg Benedict, sausage, watermelon, orange juice, and coffee.

Tai Chi was at 9:30 led by Mary Ann Browning.  Happy to see Jessica Smith, and we hugged.  We are all supposed to wear masks for the first seven days of the voyage.
Afterwards I went to Shore Excursions, and Alex from Vienna booked my Mindelo, Cape Verde tour.  My plan is to book all that I might want, feeling free to cancel later.

The Cruise Specialists (travel agent) calendar was in my mailbox.  Host Tom Mullen was at a desk on deck 3 Atrium after 10am.  He remembered Jack and me from the 2007 Grand Asia Voyage.  Tom also hosted the CS Chat Time in the Explorers Lounge after 11 am.  Met more nice people and enjoyed the coffee.

My casual lunch in the Lido buffet was Asian noodles, beef, green beans, Bread Pudding, water, and coffee.
Glad to return to my room to relax and to journal.

Went to Arts & Crafts at 2:30pm.  People were overflowing, so I waited 45 minutes for the second group and found a table.  Sitting across from me was the other lady from Sequim!  The one who eventually replied once to me. She cut her blonde hair.  She was very nice to me in person.  Her 12/20 flight lands at SeaTac at 7:10pm, and Rocket refused to pick her up that late.  She will spend the night at La Quinta.  My flight lands 6:30pm, and Rocket will hopefully pick me up after 7pm.  Wheelchair could be very helpful. 🙂  We checked out jewelry tools and made African Bead earrings, Necklace, and Extender.

Barely had enough time to dress for the Formal Black & Gold dinner.  Wore my dress from Tunisia.  No place setting at our empty chair so we are now a table of five.  I ate the Escargot Bourguignon, “Surf & Turf” filet mignon & lobster tail, cheesecake, water, and decaf coffee.

This evening Dining Steward Yoga reported that the Cellar Master had agreed to let me have Beringer’s White Zinfandel in my wine package instead of their list of choices.  Five Star Mariner half price is $148 for eight bottles.  Remembered to put my mask back on before leaving the dining table.
Photographer had come around and took photos to make me happy.  Hope they come up with a better deal than 5 for $99, 10 for $189, 20 for $349, 30 for $4??.  Tablemate David took a photo of me to post on the Shared Album.

When I spotted a short line of 4 at the Front Desk, I joined it.  Duarte from Portugal took my thank you envelopes for Capt. Ane Jan Smit and CS Host Tom Mullen.  My praise sheet went into the box for Hotel General Manager Florin Dragomir.  Duarte finished making the internet work on my iPad and iPhone, and sent the 8/10 email !!!  He refunded $13+ to my account for the two days with no internet.  He verified that my wine package was charged half price.  He could not change the time on my Apple Watch.

I was late to the 7pm Captain’s Welcome, but saw him introduce our hand picked officers and staff.
Returned to my room until the 9:30pm Zaandam Black & Gold ball.  Got good photos from my favorite balcony seat.

Back in my room, I enjoyed the internet, emails, and text messages.  Then Chris phoned ! Pleased that I had managed to board the ship and enjoy this voyage.
Towel animal tonight is a puppy, accompanied by Jacques Torres African themed box of chocolates, AND notice that clocks move forward another hour tonight !
Morning laundry was delivered about 8pm by Room Steward Bo.
My evening drink is water & ice cubes in a wine glass.

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