Zaandam at Sea Day 2

October 11, 2022

Cruise Critic Meeting

Jack’s flashlight and our travel alarm clock helped me know that it was 7am.  Dark inside room is good for sleeping.  The TV map showed that we are in the Atlantic Ocean, near Nassau.  The news TV channels update the news.  No printed newspaper.  All digital on the Navigator App on iPhones.   Except for our printed Daily Program which is delivered the evening before.
Wearing my Cruise Critic Africa shirt today to wear to the 10am Meet & Greet.

The Lido Marketplace was open only on the starboard side.  Familiar, but with nice white dishes now.  Nice new uniforms on the helpful girls who filled my coffee cup and mug for my room.  Oatmeal Muesli, fruit, and orange juice completed my breakfast.
Explored the aft doorway at the end of the deck 2 hall and found our own private deck. 🙂
Put a Jack O Lantern sticker on door numbered mailbox next to door.

Inge in Shore Excursions signed me up for five HAL shore excursions.  No paper tickets.  All digital. She even helped me sign into the Navigator App that Chris had installed for me.

Would have enjoyed 9:30am Tai Chi, but they were evicted from the Crow’s Nest for our Cruise Critic Meet & Greet.  Might as well stay and start taking photos that CC M&G leader Diana Lopez had requested.  I always enjoy that.  Now have to figure out how to put them onto a thumb drive to share with her.  I take some photos on the iPhone to put into the Shared Album.  And I take more photos with my Sony camera, which is an old friend.  Might wait until home to put them all together.  Right now enjoy the cruise.  The M&G was huge.  I have heard over 200 or 300 people.  We all have to wear masks for the first 7 days of the cruise.  Met new friends who have posted on Cruise Critic.  And met Teresa & Don from Sequim, and we had a good visit.  Ordered the Veal Croquette in the Main Dining Room for lunch.  Used yesterday’s invitation for a glass of sparkling wine, and finished with watermelon sorbet.

Found a good deck 5 Atrium seat to hear the 1pm pipe organ music.  It is the ship’s centerpiece.
Explored the ship’s shops and found a Kate Spade purse smaller than mine on sale for $130 !
At 3pm I listened to classical piano music.  Relaxing.
I am getting a lot of exercise walking from one end of the ship to the other.

Our 5pm dinner table is bonding nicely.  I ate carrot cream soup, New York Strip Loin Steak, Mango Mousse terrine, and decaf coffee.  Today is Bill’s birthday, so I photographed the waiters serenading him and his birthday cake.  During dinner at 6:25 the Navigator App notified me on my phone that I had dinner at 5pm.
After dinner I took my iPad to the Front Desk, where only ten people were ahead of me in line.  Dan connected my iPad to the internet.  But the internet is still down.
Late to the George Casey comedy show.  Had to sit way back, but he was good.

Back in the room, my black & gold dress from Tunisia had been returned from being pressed.  And Room Steward Bo delivered a smaller softer pillow, as I had requested.
Clocks move forward one hour tonight.  (First port is five hours ahead of Ft. Lauderdale)

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