Grand Africa Cruise 2022

Several months ago my wife Barbara did some research on future cruises, and came up with the one illustrated below. We both agreed that she should definitely take this grand adventure of 71 days circumnavigating the continent of Africa. On 8 October of this year she started this fantastic journey. What follows our emails that she sends to the family periodically and some uploaded photos. All of the credit for anything on this grand Africa cruise must be credited to my wife Barbara. Enjoy!

Grand Africa Cruise 2022

And now the story/adventure begins in her own words:

October 8th 2022

It has already been an adventure from home 10 am Saturday to SeaTac airport to Miami to the Renaissance Ft. Lauderdale West hotel to the ship ms Zaandam.

The lady who sat next to me on the Rocket shuttle van was a gem from Evergreen, CO.  She had been visiting her daughter’s family who had bought 12 acres east of Port Angeles in May.

Sitting behind me in the van was a lady who will go to Ghana in March for a couple of months, helping to return an ancient tribal skull from a U.S. museum.  She will be hiking many miles to visit several villages.

I met a Filipino couple while waiting at SeaTac airport.  They had booked an Alaska cruise, but were not allowed to board the ship, because they did not have Canadian Visas.  Heartbroken, they would explore Seattle.  We agreed that their travel agent needs a reprimand.  Her fifth baby was a blessing at age 43, so you know what we talked about.

Found Lumpia for dinner at SeaTac.  My 10:15 pm flight was enhanced by their Rose wine.  Landed 3:30 am Pacific time / 6:30 am Miami.  Wheelchair assistance at both airports was wonderful at age 83.  My Holland America transfer to the hotel was a disaster, but the HAL manager knows what went wrong and how to fix it.  I arrived safely at the hotel at noon after the driver ploughed through pounding rain.  A two-hour nap improved my spirits.  Met several nice people in the hotel who will also be on the 2022 Grand Africa Voyage.  HAL representatives in the lobby welcome and help us be ready for today’s bus transfer to the port.  I enjoyed a nice cheeseburger & fries in the hotel restaurant for dinner.

Good solid night’s sleep last night.  Enjoying coffee in my room and the leftover half of my huge cheeseburger.  Enjoyed a leisurely morning before checking out of the hotel and gathering in the lobby to ride the bus to the cruise terminal. Cruise check in had the unavoidable lines and changed procedures, but I boarded ms Zaandam a little after noon.  Found my inside cabin 2676 and felt right at home.  Went to the main dining room for lunch and Jack phoned on my apple phone while I stood in line.  Got seated near windows and friend Diana waved from another table.  I went over and greeted her and Karen and met Gerald & his wife.  He writes the top blog on my list.  They tried to help me add photos to the shared photo album, but I eventually figured it out myself.  Back at my lone table, I ate spring rolls and pannenkoek.  Delicious.  Found my dinner table for six, and it was for 8 people.  Changed that at the desk to a table for six.  Fewer people.

An invitation had been delivered to my room. Instead of a Mariner’s Reception, it was for a complimentary glass at the lunch I had just eaten.  🙂

Room steward Bo handed me the card with names of him and Roy who is still bringing luggage aboard.  I asked him to remove the chargeable cokes and bring me two wine glasses.  Asked him to service the room morning and night.  I am easy to serve.

The TV is constant safety this afternoon.  I did go to my muster station 12 on deck 3 port side to check in.

Dinner will be at 5 pm. 

3 thoughts on “Grand Africa Cruise 2022

  1. What fun to “meet” up with you again after years of absence due to the Pandemic and our back and forth to Indianapolis to be with our children, grandchildren and medical care for which we both need these days. It is exciting to read of your, Barbara’s solo trip with Jack keeping the P.A. homestead company. Barbara, please give us an update as to why Jack’s not along although it likely like when Gerry does not accompany me on some trips to the Midwest, just not as able as in years past. I will be so delighted to cruise vicariously with you as we no longer do so, but that’s a story for another day. Thanks for making this virtual cruise with you available. Lynn

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