Christmas Letter 2021

Christmas 2021 

    Merry Christmas!  This year we took two trips.  The first was 126 miles to Lake Quinault for Jonathan’s August 28 “Homestead Warming.”

The second was 165 mi. to Raymond, WA to gather for the Sept. 3 burial of Barbara’s sister Joan’s husband Phil Lewis (84), who died August 26 on their 60th wedding anniversary.  There are huge holes in our hearts.

Usually we stay home avoiding the coronavirus pandemic, even worshipping online for church.       

    We did enjoy another weeklong family gathering in July.  Picture three trailers in the field with chairs around Chris & Stacie’s fire pit. The empty rental next door became the guest house. 

    Joni & Steve brought their family from Baltimore:  Chris (27) and Samantha (37) with Gracie (11) and Max (7).  Robbie in England was surprised by a positive Covid test (no symptoms), so we celebrated his 35th birthday without him.

    Lisa & Andy came from Monroe, WA.  Jackie (31) & Robert brought Tierra (12) and Victoria (6).  Rachael (27) and Wesley (6) decided to stay in Forks.

    Ana made the long drive from Bend, OR with Alexis (14) and Oliver (8).   Jayden (27) and her friend Jade drove from Portland.

    Jonathan came from Lake Quinault.  He had finally been hired by Olympic National Park, but not to live next door here in Port Angeles.  He is 2 ½ hours away in his new paradise where an elk herd grazes in front of his home.  He visits Fiona (6) in Connecticut regularly.

    Chris (39) & Stacie drove from across town with their Mason (11), Taylor (8), and Miles (5).

    The best part was watching cousins getting to play together.

    Also amazing was seeing our children organize hiking expeditions to Mount Angeles, Obstruction Point, and our nearby cliffside “end of the world.”

Young grandchildren were included in adventures up the Elwha River Road, the Spruce Railroad Trail, out to the Salt Creek Beach, Granny’s for ice cream cones, riding bikes down the alley, exploring the Ediz Hook waterfront, and walking to Marymere Falls. The photo taken there includes most of us.

    This year Simpson County, KY is publishing the “Franklin-Simpson Co. Bicentennial Pictorial Book”.  It will include several of Jack’s (and your?) ancestors who were in Simpson County before 1845 with biographies and photos.

Jonathan hosted Thanksgiving this year.  Ana & Chris brought their families to help celebrate.

We are thankful to get to grow old, especially with reasonably good health.  We are slowing down, but this gives us time to think and to try to understand more.  Barbara has been reading Edward Rutherfurd’s historical novels.  Jack keeps up with the latest technologies.

We pray that 2022 will be a better year with blessings for each one of you, our great nation, and the whole world.     

3 thoughts on “Christmas Letter 2021

  1. How wonderful that you were able to gather with family many times in 2021, especially since the Covid strains are so persistent. Hope good health and happy gatherings continue in this new year.

  2. Hi!
    It was good to hear from you. It was great for you to be able to visit with most of your family. Ray and I are still hanging in there and even have 2 cruises under our belt since cruising started, even though we don’t get off the ship. Ray went in the hospital on Christmas for 5 days and doing well. We’re hoping to make our cruise we booked for January 17th.
    Wishing you a very healthy and Happy New Year!
    Ray and Susan

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