Our Visit to Porto Malai, Langkawi, Malaysia

We have nothing booked for Porto Malai, we are just going to play it as it comes. Sounds like a long walk off a pier is where we will start …. we’ll see.

In the meantime, enjoy these two “sunset” images as we sail the Strait of Malacca:

The two lights you see, are switched on when the ship is at anchorage. Not sure why there are two lamps, possibly redundancy – I’m sure my friend and retired Navy Ship Driver, Nick will explain, in the comment section.

I knew you wouldn’t want to sit for a video, so I produced this time lapse, instead.This is also how I feel that this cruise is “slipping” away ….

This morning as I walked deck six, as we were coming in to dock, the haunting music and lyrics of The Parting Glass was first up on my Apple Playlist. I always get a little tear-eyed when I listen to those words (see the link) and think of all our “cruise friends” that we have said goodbye to over the years – some have become a part of our extended family – and as Bob Hope sang it – “Thanks for the Memories” – many thanks!

Welcome to Kedawang, Malaysia.

…. and the 13 minute walk to the port gate ….

…. we were in a ritzy neighborhood, as our neighbors were sailing (with sails) cruise ships.

As we exited the gate, we were “mobbed” (gently) by local taxi drivers, almost demanding that we listen to their sales pitch. Once we settled on a driver, we agreed on three hours for less than $40, and as it turned out it was money well spent. His price was regulated by the government.

After about 45 minutes of driving in city traffic, over very modern roadways, we arrived at Eagle Square, and a very impressive attraction:

This sculpture is 12 meters or 36 feet tall, surrounded by impressive fountains, and flowers ….

As all eyes were turned skyward, this Monitor Lizard swam by in the waste below. It’s hard to judge the length but I would guess around 12 feet.

Impressive indication of scale.

What is an attraction without it’s souvenir stalls, however Barbara constrained herself as we are just about at our traveling weight limit!

No shopper in this part of Asia is worth their salt if they don’t include a visit to a Batik center, and Barbara is no different. Here she stands with a beautiful silk scarf in hand (bag).

Our daughters would have given their first born to spend a few hours with an unlimited budget in that Art Village.

With thirty minutes left on our three hours, our driver encouraged a photo stop at one of the beautiful beaches that attract so many tourists to this island ….

This evening we set sail for our next to the last stop on this Grand Asian/Australian adventure – Kuala Lumpur – then its on to Singapore and “See Ya Lata Yank” as they peel our hands off the railing, and “scan us out” for the final time.

5 thoughts on “Our Visit to Porto Malai, Langkawi, Malaysia

  1. And from Larry & Ruth – “Thanks for the Memories” We enjoyed the cruise as well but as you say some people you meet make your trip. Wishing you and Barbara safe travel home. All the Best!

  2. Regarding that stern light….the International Rules of the Road require, during darkness, that one all-around light be exhibited from the highest point in the ship, and another all-around light from the stern. The reason there are two lights on the stern is that one is the just-mentioned all-around light, and the other is a more directional light exhibited when the ship is underway. Both stern lights would never be used at the same time.

    Hope you enjoy these final hours aboard the good ship Maasdam, Jack! (At least you’re missing “snowmaggedon” back home!)

  3. Oh my mercy, what will you two pampered people do in a few days with no one have your coffee ready, no one to turn down the beds and have those multi-course dinners ready? It was tough on us, but we’re almost back to normal… But since you were on so much longer, you’ll have a longer adjustment! (G) I heard Ruth this morning say, “Good Morning Jack!” as she had her first cup of coffee in front of her computer… (G) Cruising is nice, new scenery is remarkable, but the folks we meet like you and Barbara are the things that really make the trip most memorable… May the winds blow us back together someday, either this life or the next…

  4. Wow, I really enjoyed Larry Burton’s post above. He and Ruth seem like wonderful shipmates! His post at first brought laughter and then my sentimental heart got the best of me at the end. I know this journey is ending soon but there is always another across the horizon if you choose. Love the picture of Mom. She’s a marvelous shopper! The purple flowers are amazing! Love that color. It’s almost a magenta color. Last but not least that beach!!! These beaches are captivating. In contrast I spent quite a while shoveling snow today. I love you guys❤️

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