Ransoms – Part Two

Who ….

…. changes these elevator floor mats, and when?

Who ….

…. gets up earlier than I do, to prepare the Lido breakfast line?

…. prepares these napkins and silverware by the hundreds every night?

And who rolls all these individual hand towels for the public restrooms and reps them sparkling during the day? Yes, those are REAL orchids.

IT might be this young man, since every crew man/woman are multi-tasked throughout the day.

Or “lady” Diana, who fixed my omelette this morning.

I know who was responsible for freshening the floral displays, because I met him at 11 AM today as he was on his way with a cart load of table bouquets for the Main Dining Rooms.

And these beauties at the Front Office.

My morning was going great until I returned to our stateroom and was confronted with this ‘packet”!

Dang! After almost two months, they are asking us to LEAVE!!!

2 thoughts on “Ransoms – Part Two

  1. Great blog today. We all don’t think about the little things that make everything so detailed for us. Thanks for posting “lady” Diana’s photo. Miss that smiling face and the omelets ‘s in the mornings.

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