Some Random “Stuff” at Sea

This morning we are sailing on the Laccadive Sea, and I thought I would share thoughts and mostly, pictures.

When I spoke of “full bore” speeding boats in a previous post here is an example.

Though the operator might be trying to outrun the approaching storm, as the commercial flight (center of pic) might be doing.

I have spoken, on occasion, about the EXC In Depth program. Their offices now occupy the space formerly reserved for the HAL children’s program.

How do they get those “pesky”Zodiacs on board?

Notice the crewman standing on the black box by the railing – by remote control, that’s how it’s done.

The canvas over the sides of the Zodiacs provide “comfort” for passengers/guests.

Finally, a look at the ceiling of the main dining room, I’d sure hate to be in charge of replacing those burned out lights!

But wait, there’s more …. We attended our final Mariners Award presentation and Luncheon (for this cruise), no awards for us since we will not have enough “pure” sea days until we sail again, just four days short of 500 when this cruise ends – so no Gold Medallions for us!

This is Mariana, our favorite ships photographer, she has “shot” us so many times on this cruise, she is like one of the family, beyond her, calling out the awardees is our Cruise Director,Ronel from South Africa. Mariana is from Mexico City.

Last luncheon and champagne toast for two happy cruisers:

P.S. My cut toe is healed, and the huge tree in my previous post is a Banyan Tree.

Tomorrow: Colombo, Sri Lanka

5 thoughts on “Some Random “Stuff” at Sea

  1. You two are among the world’s most beautiful people. Love all these pics but the last two take the prize. You both certainly deserve a toast to your good works and also to sharing your high seas adventure stories.

  2. Love the photo of Barbara & Jack -But next time have someone take the photo of the two of you together. Miss you to. Enjoy!

  3. Contentment. And glad to hear your toe healed. Barbara so beautiful and Jack in a new shirt. See you soon.

  4. Glad your enjoying exploring the ship. I love the photos of you both. You both look so relaxed and happy. So glad you took this vacation!! I am relieved that your toe is better. I have been wondering about it. Port Angeles got snow today. Possibly more to come in the coming week!! Dress warmly for your return. Wouldn’t want you two to catch a chill. We love you and miss you. Have fun!!

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