Our Day in Utheemu, Maldives

Utheemu, Maldives is famed as the birthplace of Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu, who with his brothers and his companions fought an eight-year-long war to drive out the Portuguese invaders who occupied the Maldives from 1558 to 1573. Utheemu Ganduvaru is the wooden palace in which Sultan Mohamed Thakurufaanu lived and grew up. It is well preserved and evokes more than any other existing building in the Maldives, the lifestyle of the rich, centuries ago. (Read more by clicking on the two links) – Thanks Wikipedia!

This longboat is a recreated monument to the islands hero.

As we walked the islands main road, it became obvious that some serious money had been spent to bring civilization to this small dot of land so far from it’s neighbors. Everything had to arrive by surface vessels to supply the islands needs.

Like this guy resting in one of the many makeshift lounges ….

…. in something like this ….

At first glance, it seemed that there were not going to be many opportunities to shoot flowers ….

…. was I ever wrong ….

…. meanwhile, Barbara found a vender she liked, and of course bargained him down on the price of a “pretty”, and further on down the street, made some kids happy by purchasing some shells.

Here is a picture of a memorial center ….

…. pretty fancy for a place not much bigger than the town in southern Colorado, that I grew up in.

Remember that guy lounging ….

….. this is that giant tree behind him. No, that isn’t Barbara, just some lady that photobombed the scene.

We walked as far as we could – about 20 minutes and ended up on the other side ….

…. beautiful beach.

Did I mention there were flowers ….

…. and other “nuts” hanging about!

Final Observations: Muslim women clothed from head to ankle, talking on “smart phones” …. all utilities were underground …. new houses under construction … and very friendly folks …. streets of sand that were disturbed by passing motorbikes, and old(er) women with homemade brushes/brooms – smoothing the sand back into place. What a wonderful experience.

Tomorrow: another day at sea as we voyage back to Sri Lanka and a day long ships tour to visit Galle.

3 thoughts on “Our Day in Utheemu, Maldives

  1. Smoothing the sand back into place . . . what a calming thought. Your day must have been relaxing and peaceful. Talk about flowers, lots of bird nectar. Was there a lot of bird chatter and song? Was the air scented by all those flowers? That tree behind your lounge – fabulous tree or was it many trees huddled together? Love all your flower photos. You’re good at this Jack. The beach ! Do you know how welcoming it looks to us enduring some nasty cold weather back home ! Beautiful beach. And more bougainvillea. You and Barbara, bringing home souvenirs of your own liking. Making memories. Thank you for sharing.

  2. That swing hanging from the tree is reminencient of many years ago on an ole destroyer! the swing is the frame for a bunk bed; just apply some canvass with some line to the frame, put a 2″mattress on it, a woolen blanket and a small pillow and “whaaalaw” that was your bed for the duration until you packed your sea bag and headed “home”….. :>)

  3. What a beautiful place! White sand and light blue water. Can anyone ask for more?? Your visit seems like it was to a place that is down to earth with appreciation of the small things. That has to be enjoyable. Love those flowers!! So beautiful in those areas. I especially like the bush or tree with the red clusters of delicate flowers. Seems like your in another world from our snowy and icy region. Bundle up you two for your trip home!! Please Bring some sun back with you. We need it!

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