Some thoughts on a Day at Sea

This morning I made the mistake of reading some Maasdam reviews postEd on Cruise Critic, and was amazed at some of the lack of knowledge about Maasdam’s current “EXC In Depth” program and the unusual sailing itinerary from Auckland to Singapore.

I can only assume that these folks might be in that category that come on cruises to party and be entertained – non-stop!

As for me, I prefer to look for the unexpected opportunities that many miss, unless they are being “Spoken to from the bridge”.

A case in point ….

…. as I was finishing my breakfast, in my office, out of nowhere, and countless miles from land, appears this fishing boat ….

So I take the opportunity to experiment with different editing settings on my iPhone 7 ….

…. and telephoto ….

…. so very versatile. I haven’t carried a camera in years.

Since it was a smooth sailing day, with a following sea and a light breeze kissing our starboard side at approximately the four o’clock position, I decided to ascend to deck 14.

A rolling sea accompanied the breeze and it was like I was alone on top of the world, as the ship gently rode the swells. It was one of those moments that one has to experience in person.

That is why I sail, just for those special fleeting moments. This ship gets me from point A to point B, in style and comfort – that’s money well spent.

And Oh, I also enjoyed my gigantic plate of King Crab Legs.

Till next time ….

4 thoughts on “Some thoughts on a Day at Sea

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. In the world of reviews, usually the unhappy customers post comments. Unfortunately it does not account for the vast majority of folks that have enjoyed the journey such as yourself. I love the camera settings and pictures of the fishing boat. Your office has amazing views. Wow, I had no idea our phones could do that!! I love the picture of you with the crab legs. I also love your shirt in that picture. So cool.

  2. The photo in sepia color makes the little fishing boat appear even more singular. Do you wonder about the lives of those passing in the middle of the great ocean? Thank you for keeping watch and picturing this speck of life far far from land. The picture is definitely worthy of a frame. And I wondered about your great plate of crab legs when you showed Barbara with hers. Best food in the world !

  3. Papa san the crab legs look great. Enjoy the shots at sea; brings back mostly fond memmories. It always amazed me how far they were from nearest land. On CV-63 days in the south china sea, the small boat following was a ussr trawler!

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