Our day in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

The sweeping wake marked our course as we reached for the entrance to China Bay and our distant berth at the Port for Trincomalee.

Our entry was also noted, at a distance by a Navy Patrol boat …

…. followed by our pilot boat ….

…. and the waiting Harbor Tug.

There is an unexplainable magic when entering port after several days at sea, and I couldn’t wait to share the scene with Barbara.

Shipboard line handlers were also anxious to heave their lines across to the pier and possibly get back to bed, after being up to help prepare the ship for berthing.

As noted in the picture with Barbara at the rail, excursion and shuttle busses were also standing at the ready, as well as some Tuk Tuks to offer transportation into town.

The shuttle busses were to take guests the two kilometers to the port gate where (….) would available. Somehow nobody arranged for the (….) to be ready for several hundred customers! The scene from “I Love Lucy” comes to mind where she and Ethel couldn’t keep up with the chocolate candy inspections.

Upon our arrival at the port gate, scant transportation was available for hire, however, walking was available!! (Someone’s ears on staff are probably on fire right now) Apparently no one notified the fleet of personal Tuk Tuks that Santa was in town.

Shortly after we “de-bussed” it started to sprinkle as the busses kept coming and I suddenly discovered I had a bleeding big toe. As a result, I decided to get back on the shuttle bus and head back to the ship, while Barbara soldiered on, come hell or high water, she was going to get transportation, and see the town!

As I sat on the bus contemplating my toe, the bus started filling up with passengers, to return to the ship, I thought – WRONG!

It turned out that the person in charge of the bus decided to make $5 USD a head by taking the, now fully loaded, bus into town! I was trapped!

Meanwhile, Barbara had managed to wrangle a (in short supply) Tuk Tuk) to take her into town and return safely to the port gate, for the equivalent of $17 local currency (Rupia).

I’m gonna throw in a flower here to sweeten the story:

I found these in metal pots outside the workers quarters on the dock.

Since I was not trapped on the repurposed shuttle bus, heading for where, I did not have a clue, I had no choice but to “ride it out”, snapping a few images, as the driver scattered oncoming traffic.

These are the best I could salvage, so I will share another flower pot.

Ever wonder what a harbor anchor bouy looks like out of water?

This was laying on the dock near our bow mooring lines, which made the bridge watch nervous, so they sent security to “sho” me away!

Isn’t she beautiful?

I’ll wrap this up for now.


Tomorrow we will be on a private tour in Hambantota, Sri Lanka, hopefully without drama.

One thought on “Our day in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

  1. Land ! Isn’t that what they always call out in the movies. The harbor entry was beautiful. Hope to see Barbara’s pictures of it back at home. Oh Jack, the fates were against you – no bleeding big toe excuses – you were going to see this town ! And that smart bus driver saw his opportunity to make some money on the side. This really was a scene from a movie. Have to laugh. And GO BARBARA. Sites to see and shopping to be done, nothing holds a woman back. By-the-way, was that the same flower pot you kept taking pictures of? And you did make it back to your ship, with a beautiful photo of the bow, so sleek. Good writing Jack.

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