This is the Captain …. from the bridge ….

We had just settled into our cabin after breakfasting together, when the ships address system announced …. something such as …. we have spotted a watercraft adrift and will be making a slow turn to reverse our track to investigate per international maritime law …. as we approached abeam of the craft, the Captain sounded one long blast of the ship’s whistle to rouse anyone that might still be onboard. A noticeable list to starboard was evident during our course reversal …. there were a lot of guests “manning the rails” during this time. “Sally-ship” comes to mind!

Later, the announcement came that we will be launching one of our tenders to investigate. No one on board was the result of the tender crew’s investigation. Sorry I took no pictures but I am sure if your search for pictures on facebook there are probably a ton of them. The Captain made the necessary report to the Sri Lankin Coast Guard for further investigation.

The craft appeared to be something cobbled together from bamboo and wood and plastic tarps.

When we read our daily “Plan of the Day” (an old Navy term) for the “When and Where” daily publication, we noticed a listing that piqued our curiosity; The Voyagers Meet! All guests welcome.

Here is what we found out …. the new EXC In Depth director had come up with a plan to meet with the guests and move about the ship explaining more about the program …. our first adventure would be to visit the bow of the ship where the Zodiacs were strapped to the deck.

Here is what a million dollar new program looks like …. there are Nine Mark V Heavy Duty Zodiacs plus hydraulic launching cranes. Works out of around 100k for each craft!

The transom had to be reinforced to hold these heavy duty diesel horses! BTW that is water, not fuel under the outboard.

Zodiac launchers, port and starboard.

Oh, this is not associated with the Zodiacs, it’s just a spare ship’s anchor.

And every ship has to have a commissioning bell …. note the tri-colors of the flag of the Netherlands.

22 meter Rope ladders that can be placed over the side of a ship to accommodate the boarding of a harbor pilot, in case rough weather forbids opening a “break” in the hull.

Complete with the manufactures nomenclature.

That was our day folks!

2 thoughts on “This is the Captain …. from the bridge ….

  1. Fascinating, the employment of the zodiacs, Jack! Is this a permanent addition to Maasdam (and other HAL fleet vessels)? Or is the zodiac deployment cruise/location dependent? In any event, good on Holland America Line! These zodiacs are a quantum-leap in what the Captain and crew can accomplish….from rescues, to safety issues, to ANY over-the-side emergency!

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