Sailing Westward on the Sea of Bengal

Good Morning (well it’s morning here) from the Bay of Bengal, doesn’t that have a romantic ring to it? Memories from the old black and white classics?

Anyway, for lack of anything to write about (sea days are so boring – YES), I thought I would share a dilemma associated with long voyages, especially one with this itinerary. Sailing west, sailing north, sailing east …

Time Zone Change!

Just look at some of the message cards we have to deal with in the evenings when we return to our perfectly made up stateroom (by two of the finest HAL employees):

I just love the grey one, that’s why I am up at 3:30 this morning!

Since I have spoken so highly of our captain, I thought I might introduce you to him ….

…. since I just happened to run across him yesterday as he was chatting up one of the photo department personnel.

I took the opportunity to personally share my admiration and thoughts about his command. He has been skipper of the Maasdam for seven years, and has been offered other commands, but loves this ship …. if it ain’t broke don’t screw with it!

When there was a problem with the operation of the diesel outboard motors on these ….

…. Captain Jutten, took charge and brought about a solution and the program was back on track! (Personally I think it was our skipper I witnessed driving one for a full throttle test drive!)

Well folks, that’s it for today, we still have another “exiting day” at sea until our arrival at the port for Trincomalee, Sri Lanka – February 3rd.

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